Zoning Appeal Board Hearing

Case: BOA-1320322 Address: 362 Meridian Street Ward 1 Plaintiff: Amoropus Construction, LLC Item(s): Art. 09 sec. 01 Reconstruction/Extension of non-compliant building –

Case: BOA- 1295572 Address: 72 High Street Ward 2 Applicant: Ryan Gavin Item(s): Item 62, Section 8 Bldg Excessive Height (Feet) – This is in a neighborhood design overlay district, it must therefore be BPDA approved Article 62, Section 25 Roof Structure Restrictions – This is a neighborhood design overlay district so must be BPDA approved

Case: BOA-1310420 Address: 80 Bunker Hill Street Ward 2 Claimant: Gregory McCarthy Item(s): Art. 62 sec. 29 Insufficient off-street parking Art. 62 sec. 62 25 Roof structures Restricted Section 62, Section 8 Insufficient additional lot area Section 62, Section 8 Too far Section 62, Section 8 Insufficient rear yard setback Purpose: To change occupancy from 2 families to 3 families. Change the roof line of the existing 2.75 storey building to a full 3 storey triple storey suitable for the Rowhouse area. Addition of a fire protection system Fire alarm system and sprinkler system with direct fire line from the street.

Case: BOA-1310768 Address: 173-175 Ipswich Street Ward 5 Plaintiff: 175 Ipswich Street, LLC Article(s): Article 11, Sec. 7 Electronic Boards – Electronic boards are conditional and subject to the approval of the Appeal Board. Section 66, Section 41 Signs By-law – Signs by-law for the Fenway Neighborhood and Fenway Triangle Neighborhood Development Area. Purpose: Installation of signs outside the new MGM Music Hall along Ipswich and Lansdowne Streets, including LED signs and static graphics, as per plans.

Case: BOA-1308425 Address: 1011 Harrison Avenue Ward 8 Claimant: Benamin Franklin Institute of Technology Item(s): Art. 50, Section 10 Use: Conditional – College Article 50, Section 11 Dimensional Regulations at Roxbury EDA -FAR max. Authorized: 2.0 Proposed: 2.26 Purpose: The Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology (BFIT), a technical college, will relocate to 1003 Harrison Avenue in the Roxbury. The project includes the demolition of existing buildings (to provide demolition SF#s) and the construction of a new three-story (68,000 square foot) education building. Subdivision of plot ID 0802445000 (54,626 square feet) into two lots: one lot with 24,527 square feet and the second lot where the building is located with 30,099 square feet.

Case: BOA- 1303471 Address: 49-49A Linwood Street Ward 9 Plaintiff: Steven Keyes Item(s): Section 50, Section 29 Insufficient Rear Yard Section 50, Section 29 Side Yard Insufficient Section 50, Section 29 Lot Frontage Insufficient Section 50 , Section 29 Insufficient lot width Article 50, Section 29 Insufficient lot area, Art. 50, Section 43 Insufficient off-street parking Section 50, Section 44.13 Two or more dwellings on the same lot Subject: New construction of a 2 storey detached garage on slab at grade with a studio above. Electricity and domestic water will be connected to the existing house on site, sewers will be directly connected to the street. It is one of two accommodations on the same plot. See also ALT1264482.

Case: BOA-1260823 Address: 76 Wyman Street Ward 10 Claimant: Sarah Ewing Item(s): Section 55, Section 40 Off-Street Parking and Loading Requirement – Location. Off-street parking shall not be located in any part of a landscaped area in any part of a front yard. Article 10, Section 1 Area Limitation – Off-street parking shall not be located within 5’0″ of the side lot line. Section 55, Section 9 Insufficient usable open space Purpose: To propose (1) off-street parking in existing three-family dwelling Relocation of curb and construction of parking area.

Case: BOA-1322929 Address: 127 Washington Street Ward 14 Claimant: Andrew Litchfield Item(s): Art. 50 sec. 29 Insufficient free usable area Art. 50, § 29 Insufficient additional land area Art. 50 sec. 43 Insufficient off-street parking – 1 new parking space required. Objective: Existing two-family building and chapel renovated into 3 residential units. The building will be sprayed and does not have an elevator.

Case: BOA-1174170 Address: 1677-1679 Dorchester Avenue Ward 16 Claimant: Thu Loan Phan Item(s): Section 65, Section 8 Rules of Use – Use of office space is prohibited in 3F D 3000 Subdistrict Section 65, Section 32 NDOD Review Required Section 65, Section 41 Off-Street Parking and Loading Requirement Section 65, Section 9 Insufficient Front Yard Section 65, Section 9 Insufficient Side Yard Purpose: Change occupancy from 3 family to 3 family and office. Build an addition of 830 sf according to the attached plans.

Case: BOA- 1298430 Address: 717-721 American Legion Highway Ward 18 Claimant: Silver Therapeutics, Inc Item(s): Section 67, Section 11 Use Regulations – Establishment of cannabis is a conditional use in a sub- district CC 1. From art. 29 sec. 04 Greenbelt Protection Overlay District Applicability Purpose: Cannabis establishment for co-located medical marijuana dispensary, recreational marijuana retail dispensary, marijuana grower, and marijuana product manufacturer.

Case: BOA-1308846 Address: 784 West Roxbury Parkway Ward 20 Plaintiff: Benjamin & Jenifer Waterfall Item(s): Art. 57 sec. 09 Insufficient Rear Yard Setback Purpose: To construct a 2 storey addition to the side of an existing single family dwelling. The addition includes a mudroom, family room and a new terrace on the first floor; a master suite on the second floor. Minor reconfiguration of the layout on the second floor of the existing house.

Case: BOA- 1310281 Address: 19 Arborough Road Ward 20 Applicant: Marisa Roberts Item(s): Section 67, Section 9 Insufficient side yard Section 67, Section 9 Insufficient rear yard Purpose: To confirm occupancy as one family. We are planning work to the rear of the house including an extension of the existing terrace/raised terrace, addition of a ground level terrace with stairs, redesign of a ground level terrace, modification of rear door/window layout

Case: BOA- 1292016 Address: 30R Undine Road Ward 22 Claimant: Jed Ruccio Article(s): Art. 51 sec. 08 Terms of use Animal hospital, cattery kennel, animal boarding/shelter Use – Prohibited Art. 51 sec. 08^ Use of Uses Incidental to Main Use Regulations- Prohibited Item: The Gifford Cat Shelter has been a no-kill adoption shelter in operation on the site since 1888. The proposed project is a new building of 1 floor of 3,650 gsf to replace the existing building of 1,550 gsf to be demolished; (2) 200 square foot auxiliary sheds, (12) new off-street parking spaces and a storm water recharge system.

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