Wrexham and Flintshire cat saves at financial ‘breaking point’

PET and cat rescue centers in Flintshire and Wrexham say they are at ‘breaking point’ due to spiraling vet bills and the number of cats being rescued.

And two centres, Jackson’s Animal Rescue, in Padeswood, and Second Chance For Cats, in Wrexham, say they are in the throes of serious conflict.

Jackson’s said: “Before 11 a.m. today (Thursday August 11) we had phone calls about nine cats needing our help. That’s in the space of two hours, nine cats that we don’t can’t help as we don’t have the space or the ongoing funds to do it anymore.

“We have 23 cat pens on site, and every pen is full. All of our cats are either booked and awaiting final vaccination or neutering to go home, or not yet ready and undergoing veterinary treatment. We have a lot of kittens full of flu that we treat.

“We’re at the breaking point, and the worst thing is that every other rescue is the same. All we see on our social media is every rescue saying the same thing. It’s just heartbreaking. ”

The leader:

Jackson’s said it has space on-site to install more cattery units, and it “absolutely intends” to do so as soon as funds permit.

He said: “At the moment our income cannot cover our costs and it is getting very scary.

“We lost around £1,000 this weekend due to the cancellation of two events due to the heat wave (both events involved dogs and we will take absolutely no risk). This could not have happened to a worse time.

“We hate to constantly ask, but if everyone who followed our page could sign up for a £1 standing order every month, we could do so much more.”

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Second Chance For Cats said: “We have now unfortunately reached a critical stage. We are currently caring for over 30 cats, many of whom have persistent health conditions requiring specialist diets and frequent visits to the vet.

“Our bank balance is now dangerously low and as long as we don’t have sudden, hefty vet bills like the one we just had for Comet’s dental treatment (£578), we can have just enough to cover food. , litter, and other essentials for a few more weeks.After that, we’re scared of what the future holds.

“Devastatingly, we will have no choice but to turn down any new cases. Even if we had the reception space, we just don’t have the funds to support them. We will do everything we can to help out in other ways, but there just isn’t the space or the money to enjoy it more.”

The leader:

The center said it is ‘doing everything we can’ to keep going, but due to a ‘huge drop’ in support and donations since February, it ‘breaks our hearts to think we can’t- be no longer continue”.

The center added: “These cats have already been sorely abandoned by people and we really don’t want to let them down again. They are just innocent victims who deserve only the best.”

As a voluntary rescue, it has no regular source of funding and only through the “incredible generosity” of volunteers and the public has been able to accomplish “so much” so far.

The leader:

He added: “We hate to have to ask during such a horrible time for everyone, but we have to. Things are so bad for every rescue at the moment. If you can spare anything, even £1, it will give us a chance to get back on track.Even part of this message will help us tremendously.

Cat rescues say the biggest problem is that unneutered domestic and feral cats are raising more and more cats – many of which will then need to be rescued.

Second Chance For Cats said: “If only pet owners were more responsible and neutered their cats as soon as they reached maturity and didn’t abandon them when they moved house, got bored of them and such, then rescues wouldn’t have to pick up all those broken souls.”

Spaying cats can be expensive, around £50-100, especially at a time when the cost of living is skyrocketing.

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But Cat Protection Wales is campaigning to offer neutering at a low price of just £5.

The guidelines for eligibility for sterilization assistance apply to one or more of the following; receipt of some means-tested benefits, low household income, full-time students living away from home, state-only retirement and pension credit. Proof of eligibility will be required by the veterinarian in order to participate in the program.

For more information, visit https://bit.ly/3PoX24O

To donate to Second Chance For Wales, visit https://gofund.me/20bfbd3b

To donate to Jackson’s Animal Rescue, transfer funds to bank account number 83949621 and sort code 20-50-36.

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