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If you love cats, you won’t be surprised that they have some amazing natural characteristics that make them very special, one of them being their mouths.

For example:

– A cat’s jaws cannot move side to side like a human’s, and can only move up and down.

This makes it difficult for them to crush and chew their food, which is why they tear up larger pieces to make them more digestible and swallow smaller pieces of food, like cat cookies, whole.

– Rather than putting water in their mouths like dogs do, cats lapped it up by moving their tongue very quickly to create a column of water.

They then quickly close their mouths around the spine and swallow the water without getting their chin or whiskers wet.

– Not only can cats drink without splashing their face, but they are also adept at keeping their whole body clean. Their tongues are covered with tiny curved thorns that give them a rough texture.

These thorns work both as a comb, untangling knots and smoothing the fur, and they are also capable of carrying large amounts of saliva from the mouth to the fur, making it easy to remove any unwanted dirt.

Being meticulous in keeping clean is mainly due to a cat’s survival instinct – the cleaner the cat, the less odor it emits and therefore less able to be tracked and killed. It also works when they stalk their own prey – an undetected, scent-free cat will be more successful when hunting.

– Cats cannot taste sweet flavors, even if they have sophisticated taste buds.

They just don’t have the receptors in their brain to recognize a sweet taste. They are, however, much better at detecting bitter tastes, as it helps them identify foods that could be toxic.

– Cats are born with an incredible number of teeth in such small mouths.

Kittens have 26 deciduous teeth that fall out around three months of age and are replaced by 30 permanent adult teeth (compared to humans who are usually born toothless and then develop 20 deciduous teeth and 32 deciduous teeth. adult).

– Due to their low sugar diet, differences in oral bacteria and the shape of their teeth, cats do not get cavities in the same way as humans.

But they can suffer from other dental problems, most often gum disease, which is usually caused by improper diet.

A cat’s teeth are designed to crush bones, and a modern diet of soft cat food is not ideal.

The sweet five month old Sersi has beautiful shiny white teeth, as you can see, and is a talkative, talkative young thing.

She was introduced to us as a stray from St John’s, so we don’t know much about her past, but she obviously didn’t have much human contact early in her life.

The cattery team and volunteers have spent a lot of time with her and she is growing more and more confident every day. Her ideal home will be a quiet one with experienced cat owners who can spend a lot of time with her and continue to earn her trust.

Sersi has not yet been sterilized (she is not far, but she is still a little too small) and she will therefore go to her adopted home, when she finds one, with a voucher. sterilization that will cover all the costs of his operation.

She is fully vaccinated and microchipped, so her adoption fee of £ 75 is good value for money.

And you can’t put a price on the feeling you get when you adopt an animal rather than buying one – “rescue” really should be everyone’s favorite breed.

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