What are zooms and why do dogs do them?


Zoomies are hilarious to watch.

Have you ever been relaxing and all of a sudden your dog flies away like the Speed ​​Queen Rita, skidding around the house at 100mph for no reason?

Well, TeamDogs did some research to find out what triggers our dogs to burst into a sudden zoom crunch.

According to Petplan , zoomies, also known as Frenetic Random Activity Period (FRAP) attacks, are random bursts of high activity and energy that usually don’t last long.

Owners tend to see a theme in behavior, either by noticing an episode of zooms at around the same time each day or as part of another regular routine. The behavior is generally outdated, but you can still have an episode of zooms every now and then …

Zoomies before bed

Many dogs want to release their accumulated energy before going to bed

Many pet owners observe puppy zooms before bed, this is likely due to the built-up energy your puppy is trying to release before settling down to sleep.

Zoomies after a bath

Commercial team dogs
Some dogs will run wild in an adrenaline rush after bath time

Some dogs run wild in an adrenaline rush after bath time. This adrenaline rush can be a combination of many factors ranging from relief to simply trying to dry off.

Zoomies after eating

Eating can be a very exciting activity for doggies.
Eating can be a very exciting activity for doggies.

For dogs obsessed with food, the anticipation of mealtime combined with the energy provided by the food creates a recipe for hyperactivity.

Nutrition and behavior expert and host of the A Dog’s Life podcast, Anna Webb said, “Zoomies is the ‘term’ for when a dog simply zooms in full of the joys of life!

“Normally these are puppies that can show a Zoomie after a walk as it is the excitement to absorb the experience.

“A Zoomie is the perfect opportunity to join in with a toy and turn it into a mutually beneficial bonding / bonding exercise where the joys of a pet parent come to life. Dogs love to have fun, so having fun with proactive play always pays off! “

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