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Do your pets enjoy water as much as you do in the summer? Here are some waterside safety tips that pet owners should keep in mind:

1. Be sure to supervise at all times

Do not take your eyes off your animals when they are in the water, as they can inhale a large amount of water into their lungs in a short time.

If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, you may have installed a safety cover to keep leaves and debris out. But pool covers can pose a safety hazard if your pet falls and slips under the cover, according to the ASPCA. To this end, only allow your four-legged friends in or around water sources when you can supervise them closely.

2. Buy a life jacket

All four-legged friends who are going to spend time in the water should wear a life jacket to stay afloat, according to the ASPCA.

When choosing a vest, the American Kennel Club recommends looking for these features: a built-in top handle to easily retrieve your furry friend if needed; a D-ring to be able to attach a leash; and be brightly colored or have a reflective strip to make it easier to spot your pet in the water.

3. Be aware of potential dangers to pets

Although lakes and ponds can be great places to swim and cool off, they can also expose pets to toxins such as blue-green algae which grow in the summer months and can cause problems. gastrointestinal, according to the ASPCA. These blue-green algae cells can also stick to an animal’s fur and be ingested when the animal cleans itself, according to the ASPCA. Be sure to thoroughly rinse your pets with fresh water after swimming in any body of water.

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