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Vistaprint is a popular brand known for its personalized printing products: business cards, calendars, invitations, posters, photo gifts, t-shirts and more. The company also provides some great digital services, including what it hopes will be one of the best website building platforms for anyone to quickly build their own professional website.

Vistaprint is designed to help anyone build a simple website and retains all the basics you need: a drag and drop editor, unlimited pages, support for all common content types (text, images, videos, maps, contact forms, menus, more) and responsive templates to ensure your site displays well on all types of devices.

There is an unusual plus for anyone who already uses Vistaprint to produce other business products. The website builder can access any images or logos you previously uploaded, making it easy to coordinate the website with any other marketing material.

Here is an overview of Vistaprint plans and prices

Here’s a look at Vistaprint’s plans and pricing (Image credit: Vistaprint)

Packages and prices

Vistaprint offers three main plans, all of which are chargeable. You can test any plan for free for up to 30 days, but after that you will need to choose a plan and start paying per month or per year. All plans are less expensive when purchased annually.

The Get Personal plan costs $ 2.81 per month when you sign up for the annual plan. It includes access to a Vistaprint subdomain, free images in the library, an SSL certificate, and access to Google Analytics and webmaster tools. This plan works great for creating a website to showcase your resume, or for sharing a personal portfolio or blog.

The Get Professional plan is perfect for small businesses looking for SEO support. This plan costs $ 10.12 per month when paid annually. It includes better SEO tools, website activity reports, email address, and your own domain.

The Get Paid plan has a lot more features than any other plan and is surprisingly affordable. It costs $ 14.06 per month when you use the annual subscription. This plan includes everything the other plans have, but also has e-commerce capabilities.

You can create an online store, add shopping carts, and there’s room for donation space too. This plan contains everything you need to sell products and services online or market your business to a large audience. This plan allows you to add unlimited products to your website. You can change your plans at any time (downgrade or upgrade).

Here are some of the models available

Here are some of the models available (Image credit: Vistaprint)


Vistaprint’s interface is clean and simple, and it’s easy to compare plans and see what you’re going to get. Select the most attractive option and you are prompted to provide your contact details: name, email and physical address, and your phone number, or just log in if you already have a Vistaprint account.

Vistaprint’s design process begins with choosing a template. These are organized into 24 industries, many of which are then further broken down into subcategories, which initially looks very impressive. You don’t just get an animal and pet care industry, for example: the subcategories include boarding schools and catteries, animal grooming, dog breeder, animal sitting, and pet care. dog walking, pet supply store, animal training and vet.

Here are some of the key features of Vistaprint website builder

Here are some of the key features of Vistaprint website builder (Image credit: Vistaprint)


The editor allows sites to be created from preformatted blocks of content, rather than the more common individual widgets. Select Add Content> Text, for example, and no less than 16 layouts are available to you, including text with icons, captions, images, quotes, in boxes, grids and more . Drag your preferred option onto the page, the editor indicates where it can be placed and when you drop it the block takes up the entire width of the page at this point.

Other content blocks include headers, images, videos, calendar, social links, contact form, online store, and more. These cover the basics, but a bit more, and there is very little integration with other services. You can display a bar with links to your social media accounts, for example, but there is no option to embed content such as a tweet or a Facebook post.

This block-based approach makes creating a site very easy. You don’t need to drag a layout widget, define a number of rows or columns, insert the text or images you need and set their properties manually, because the block of content contains everything you need.

Vistaprint also offers many other services

Vistaprint also offers many other services (Image credit: Vistaprint)

The competition

There are many other website builders available – Wix, Squarespace, and Webnode are just a few of the options. If you compare Vistaprint (just the website builder) with other web hosts in the market then this is definitely a web host for newbies. However, Vistaprint offers many other services besides website building that few other web hosts offer – you can design your own business cards, put your company logo on T-shirts, or personalize your website. The wide variety of marketing tools Vistaprint makes available to you makes it very different from other website builders.

Final thoughts

Vistaprint Website Builder is great for anyone looking to build a basic site. For anyone still learning how to build a website, you can easily get started without taking too much time. You can even use the 30-day free trial to help you decide if it’s the right platform for you.

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