Twitch called to ban cat breeder’s channel accused of animal abuse



Twitch channel Adorable_Kittens, which broadcasts cat livestreams, has been criticized on social media and called on the platform to ban the account, after legal action was filed against the cattery alleging “cruelty to animals and sale of sick kittens “.

A Florida cattery called ‘Adorable Kittens’, which breeds and sells Scottish Folds and British Kittens, broadcasts the animals playing, feeding and sleeping on their Twitch channel.

In October 2020, Twitch streamer Destiny claimed that another streamer, Alisha12287, had been banned because “[Adorable Kittens] the lawyer sent a letter to Twitch and got him banned. This is why his stream is banned at the moment.

Alisha said Twitch did not give a specific reason for its ban, but said she received an email from a “specific company”, who “bragged” that she was the reason. of her ban and claimed to have used a lawyer to “silence her.”

YouTube: Alisha

Alisha released a statement after it was rumored that she had been banned for talking about a “kitten factory”.

The channel, previously named adorablestars, has changed its name to ‘Adorable_Kittens’. It currently has over 116,000 subscribers and is a partner account.

On May 3, Twitch streamer Yabbe called out to Twitch to “Please review the evidence provided and stop allowing a dangerous cat mill to freely advertise on your site.” “

Yabbe linked to a Animal Legal Defense Fund February Press Release (ALDF), confirming that she had “filed a complaint against Orlando-based kitten breeder and seller, Adorable Stars, on behalf of three people who purchased kittens from the breeder.”

“The plaintiffs are suing in tort and tort and allege that the defendants engage in cruelty and neglect to animals, as well as the illegal practice of veterinary medicine without a license.”

Along with numerous images of allegedly sick and abused cats and kittens, the press release states that “kittens sold by Adorable Stars were found covered in ringworm, fleas and parasites while also suffering from respiratory tract infections diseases and feline panleukopenia, among other conditions “.

ALDF trial press release

On the FAQs on the Adorable Chatons websiteit says “All kittens will walk away with a Health Certificate. With the health certificate that the kittens have been checked by a veterinarian, their vaccine has been done, tests with negative results to be healthy for a new one. House.

The website also displays a copy of an “Outstanding Cattery Certificate” from The International Cat Association (TICA), following an inspection by licensed veterinarian Pedro Santiago, DVM, on September 24, 2020.

However, a customer, who claims to have bought a cat from the breeder who later died, found an arrest record, showing the fees for forging a veterinary certificate. The arrest took place in 2018.

Arrest file

Twitch did not respond to calls on social media to reconsider their partnership with the channel. Twitch does not comment on violations of community guidelines to respect user privacy.


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