Truly Dolls Cat Cafe in Singapore has the cutest ragdoll cats

If you grew up in the 90s or 2000s and are familiar with Disney movies, you might have watched The Aristocats (1970) where the cute cat Marie is from. And looking like a dream straight out of the nostalgic movie The Aristocats, Really Cat Cafe Dolls is a cafe for cats that animal lovers should not miss.

The latest cat cafe in Singapore and located at Kampong Bahru Roadthis cafe for cats specializes only in ragdoll catsall super fluffy, huge (compared to our local domestic cats)irresistibly cute and with gorgeous sparkling blue eyes.

Photos: @trulydollsg/instagram

From Fendi, the ragdoll princess who “coos like a pigeon” to Hermès, the ragdoll king who is also a “flirty playboy”, get close, cuddle and play with these precious fur babies at Truly Dolls.

Three fun facts to know about ragdoll cats – all purebred ragdoll cats have blue eyes, they are one of the largest domesticated cat breeds and they have dog-like personalities – being fiercely loyal to their families and all so playful (they can even play fetch!).

Photos: @trulydollsg/instagram

Depending on your preference, two packages are available, the Standard Package (S$28) which gives you an hour with the cats and includes a drink. If you want to improve the experience, you can choose the Deluxe package (S$38) which offers you an hour with the cats as well as a drink, a dessert and two printed photos.

really dolls cat cafe
Photos: @trulysimba and @trulydollsg/instagram

If you want to visit and spend time with these magnificent felines, be sure to send them a message on Instagram at @trulydollsg reserve a time slot as the visits progress reservation only walk-in allowed on Saturdays and Sundays. Weekday time slots are subject to availability, so feel free to message and check with them in advance.

Ready to spend time with these adorable floofs? Set a date, reserve a time slot and see you very soon at the Truly Dolls Cat Cafe!

Really Cat Cafe Dolls
Facebook | instagram | Website
📍 73B Kampong Bahru Rd, #02-00, Singapore 169374
🕒 12pm – 7pm (Saturday to Sunday); Weekday slots subject to availability

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Editor’s note:

We value animal-related establishments because they give us the opportunity to interact with our favorite animals – and as animal lovers, we cannot ignore the ethical issues surrounding this. From pet cafes to pet shops and catteries, there is a wide range of ethical animal welfare concerns, such as the treatment of animals or ethical breeding in pet shops and catteries.

As we share some great pet cafes, pet shops and catteries to visit, we urge everyone to treat these animals gently, and if you have seen any signs that the animals are not being well taken care of, please let us know. report it immediately. If you are considering getting a pet, we also encourage you to consider adoption options first if possible. There are lots of adorable animals waiting for good homes in places like SoSD, Cat welfare societyand the SPCA!

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