Topsey the cat went missing for 7 months, then her family sees her on TV

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Topsey, a cat who was lost for seven months, ran onto the pitch (pitch) of a football match at Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England on Tuesday February 8, 2022. The BBC dubbed her the “Field Invasion Cat”.

When she appeared, the cat stopped play and a player, Jason Kerry, ran to catch up with her. When he managed to retrieve it, the crowd cheered in relief.

Pictures via Twitter/ Media PA

Afterwards, a match vet took Topsey to a vet for serious injuries, likely from a dog attack. Fortunately, she was in good hands and would be spending the night at the vet.

Topsey the Cat Saved by Jason Kerry,

Jason Kerry saves Topsey via Sky News

Topsey eloped in June

Cat human Allison Jubb presumed Topsey died after she went missing in June near Worrall, about 2.5 miles from the football stadium.

“She disappeared last June,” Jubb told the BBC. “We were leaving, and I was taking her to a cattery and she escaped from the cat box and we never heard anything again,” she said.

Topsey on Facebook

Image from social networks

When Topsey’s videos went viral, Jubb’s daughter called to tell her, but she didn’t think it could be her cat.

“My daughter-in-law called me last night as they were watching the game and told me there was a cat on the football pitch. I kind of laughed about it.

Topsey the cat appears on the ground

Image via Sky News

Then Mrs. Jubb got a call from the vet. They checked the cat’s microchip and called to confirm it was hers. It was only then that she realized it was really Topsey.

“She has bite marks on her neck; looks like something like a dog may have grabbed and shaken her, so they have to do an x-ray. She’s a little scared,” Jubb said. “Until they do that, we don’t know [if she’ll make it].”

Topsey the cat

PA Media via BBC

According to Sam of Spire Vets, Topsey seems to respond to “strong pain relief and antibiotics.”

“She is stable and staying in a kennel overnight, we gave her food and she ate it,” he told the BBC.

Today, several thousand people want Topsey to make a full recovery.

Video by 90Football:

Another cat and a football game on the same night

Meanwhile, another game took place between West Ham and Watford on the same Tuesday evening at the London stadium. This time fans were singing about a cat for totally different reasons.

West Ham’s French centre-back Kurt Zouma, 27, has made headlines after a video showing him kicking his cat in a kitchen emerged on social media.

In the stands, supporters of both teams were boo Zouma and singing, “he kicks [expletive] cat.” At one point, the player collided with Josh King and fell in pain. Then, the crowd chanted, “It’s how your cat feels.

Zouma’s club condemned his actions and the player posted this The sun called “creeping excuses”. The player’s brother, who filmed the video as laughter was heard, also apologized.

Despite public outcry, the team manager made a “surprise call” to throw Zouma into the game. It was a movement that was widely criticized.

“Not because he’s one of our best players, but it’s definitely on the way and the club are dealing with it,” manager David Moyes said.

Following the fallout, a team sponsor withdrew its sponsorship and the RSPCA took custody of Zouma’s two cats.

Now an investigation is ongoing and began before the video went viral online.

“We have recently been made aware that this incident may have taken place in Essex and we are liaising with the RSPCA, and urgent inquiries are underway,” Essex Police said.

Video by Sky News:

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