These 5 RSPCA Essex Animals Are Looking For New Homes


Here is a selection of animals from the RSPCA offices in Essex and affiliate Danaher Animal House looking for a home forever.

If you think you can relocate one of them, either go to South West Essex Branch or the Danaher Animal House website for details.

You can also donate to these charities to help them carry out rescue operations through the same websites.

Midnight star

Midnight Star (RSPCA)

Male gender

Age – 13 years

Breed – Domestic short-haired crossbreed

Black color

Midnight Star is described as a typical cat who will need an outdoor space to access freely and warm knees to sit on.

He would rather be the only cat in the house, as well as in an adult-only household.

Overall he is very independent and will probably do his own thing.

If you want to adopt Midnight Star you can consult his full profile here.

Eggnog and gingerbread

Echo: Eggnog and Gingerbread (RSPCA)Eggnog and Gingerbread (RSPCA)

Male gender

Age – 10 years (approx)

Breed – Domestic short-haired crossbreed

Color – Black & White and Ginger

Eggnog and Gingerbread are brothers who were placed in the care of the RSPCA when their owner sadly passed away.

They are well socialized and very friendly, so they could be relocated to a house with children.

In addition, they can live with another cat, but not with a dog.

If you want to adopt eggnog and gingerbread you can consult their full profile here.


Echo: Pudding (RSPCA)Pudding (RSPCA)

Gender – Female

Age – 10 years

Breed – Domestic short-haired crossbreed

Color – Tortoiseshell

Pudding is a very friendly cat, who has a beautiful medium / long coat that may require some grooming.

Her favorite place to lay down is on the heated cattery floor, so she’ll love a warm and cozy home.

If you want to adopt Pudding, you can see her full profile here.


Echo: Hercules (Danaher Animal Home)Hercules (Danaher Animal Home)

Male gender

Age – One year

Breed – Shar-Pei crossbreed

Color – Tan

Hercules is a young dog who will need advanced training as he is under-socialized.

As a result, he will need very experienced owners in an adult-only household with no other dogs.

If you want to adopt Hercules you can consult its full profile here.


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