These 5 animals with RSPCA in Essex need homes forever



Here is a selection of animals from the RSPCA and affiliated Danaher Animal House branches who are looking for a forever home.

There are a few animals from the Essex South Southend & District branch, the Essex South West branch and the Danaher Animal House.

If you think you can relocate one of them, either go to Southend and Essex District and South West Essex websites or Danaher Animal House website for details.

You can also donate to charities to help her continue her rescue work on the same websites.


Lacey (RSPCA)

Gender – Female

Age – Five years (approx)

Breed – Dachshund

Color – White and beige

Lacey has never lived in a decent house before, so she will have to go back to basics with a rewards-based training method, learning simple things like walking on a leash and how to learn to be clean.

She is looking for a house where her adopters are most of the time to help her settle in, there is direct access to a private garden, and all of the children in the house are of secondary school age.

It would also be helpful to get acquainted with the Dachshund breed, as 25% of them develop intervertebral disc disease (IVDD).

If you want to adopt Lacey you can see her full profile here.


Echo: Ben (RSPCA)Ben (RSPCA)

Male gender

Age – Eight years (approx)

Breed – domestic short-haired crossbreed

Color – Black and white

Ben is a shy cat who will need time to settle into a new home.

He should be the only animal in the house and preferably not live with children.

Ben will need someone to be patient with him and take things slowly as he is a little unsettled about living in a cattery.

If you want to adopt Ben you can consult his full profile here.


Echo: Boris (RSPCA)Boris (RSPCA)

Male gender

Age – Three years (approximately)

Breed – domestic short-haired crossbreed

Color – Black and white

Boris is a pleasant cat who loves petting and treats, especially Dreamies.

He should be the only cat in the house, and no dog either.

Also, he may take a while to settle in and he will have to take the first step in introducing himself to a new owner, but he will quickly feel in touch with you once he is familiar with him.

If you want to adopt Boris, you can consult his full profile here.


Echo: Samara (Danaher Animal Home)Samara (Danaher Animal Home)

Gender – Female

Age – Unspecified

Breed – Malinois Shepherd

Color – Brown and gray

Samara is a loving and loyal dog who would benefit from finding an adult home that gives her individual attention.

Knowledge of the Malinois Shepherd breed would be essential to adopt the Samara.

She may lack self-confidence and basic training, so someone willing to walk her through it would help.

If you want to adopt Samara you can see her full profile here.


Echo: Wasabi (Danaher Animal Home)Wasabi (Danaher Animal Home)

Male gender

Age – Youth (unspecified)

Breed – lion-headed rabbit

Grey color

Wasabi is already a fairly confident bunny, who is often up for fuss and cuddling.

Being in a home with regular handling will see that confidence grow further.

If the house already has only one doe, this would also be useful for Wasabi.

If you want to adopt Wasabi you can consult its full profile here.


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