The search is underway to find unwanted Rosie a home after 200 days in RSPCA care


Although there has been no interest from potential owners, staff at the Upper Colwyn Bay center are determined to find a home for six-year-old Rosie.

Center director Vicky Williams said: ‘Rosie is one of our long-term residents – and we just can’t figure out why.

“Even though she is sweet, confident and so friendly, she has been with us for over 200 days.

“Perhaps it’s its color that puts people off – with black or black and white cats, which often take much longer to relocate – for whatever reason.

“Rosie’s Path to Heart includes tasty treats, a cozy ride and a feathered toy.

“To end her fun-filled days, she likes to bask in the sun watching the outside world.

“Rosie was given to us with another cat, but has since shown that she would rather be the only cat in the house so she could soak up all the attention.”

Rosie has a history of asthma but is not currently taking any medication for it but will need to be monitored when she is home.

The center cattery team will be happy to discuss this in more detail and answer any questions from potential adopters.

“We hope Rosie will soon find her second chance at happiness,”

“As always, as soon as a cat leaves for its new home, the space is quickly filled with another that is equally deserving, so we still have plenty of felines looking for their happy endings and we encourage anyone who are considering taking a rescue animal to check out our website.

To express your interest in Rosie, please complete a chat perfect match form to [email protected]

With the rise in the number of pet owners and the cost of living crisis straining people’s finances, the RSPCA fears it could see more animals being entrusted to it at a time when repatriation has slowed.

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