The purring living room: luxury cat hotel opens in Radcliffe



A luxury cat hotel has opened in Manchester – with oversized rooms, grooming sessions and afternoon tea.

Valuable pets can now check in for relaxing stays at The Cat’s Other Mother in Radcliffe when their loving owners go on vacation or on a work trip.

The spa-like experience was created by Helen Owen, who has dreamed of building her own cat hotel for over 20 years.

Helen Owen, owner of The Cat’s Other Mother

Helen lives on a farm with her husband Chris, as well as goats, geese and an aviary full of birds.

They spent 12 months transforming old stables into lavish suites designed to make moggies feel at home during their stay.

“We are cat owners ourselves and although we are on a farm, we also have house cats,” Helen told the Manchester Evening News .

“We thought there were a lot of options if you have a cat playing on the street. A farm cattery with a heated bed was fine, but many cats are now house cats and never even went out.

“These cats might find it really scary and it might piss them off when they get home.

The building was specially designed for cats

“And now people now treat their pets like their children. Cats go out less, they watch TV with them.

“The owners themselves also don’t want their pets to go somewhere they will be left to fend for themselves because pets are part of the family.

“The environment of a cat hotel should be like home.

Helen says that at her hotel, “every cat’s emotional needs in a new place” will be taken care of to make sure owners feel comfortable leaving their beloved pets behind.

“As a true house bird, I love the design and decoration,” she said.

“When planning the rooms, I wanted them to be a good mix of luxury and home comfort, but also focusing on the natural behavior requirements of cats.

Customers can enjoy all their favorite treats

“Our own cats have been a great inspiration, I know how much they love to sit at the window on a rainy day and watch the droplets trickle down the glass.

“They’d rather our old chair than the expensive designer cat tower we bought them for Christmas, with their help we’ve created the perfect rustic retreat.”

Four-legged friends feel right at home

But, despite years of planning, the hotel hasn’t had the smoothest launch.

Due to the opening of the cat doors in March 2020, the business was hit by the lockdown and remained closed for much of the year.

“It started very badly because of Covid,” said Helen.

“We completely dismantled the stables and built the place ourselves. It is specially designed for cats.

“But the business is almost entirely dependent on travel, it was very difficult because the cat owners clearly did not leave.”

The hotel struggled during the lockdown, but has since found success

The hotel was finally able to welcome its first four-legged guests in November.

All bedrooms are “oversized,” with 60 square feet of living space and double-glazed floor-to-ceiling windows, large enough for a “cat family” to roam around.

Regular room packages include three meals a day from the ‘pantry menu’, ‘lots of chatting and cuddling’, a ‘mini care session if your pet likes to be groomed’, ‘a fresh jar of catnip home grown, ”a“ nightly turndown service with milk treats and “flickering electric candles”.

Guests can upgrade their stay to include meals from a special menu

If owners want to have fun with their kittens, they can book a special menu featuring hand-minced “Lucky Cat” chicken and “La Petite Purrmaid” shrimp on scallops.

‘Secret suites’ are also available, including two full-size bedrooms with a secret connecting cat-sized door.

For a very special treat, cats can even get a session with the hotel’s “Purry Grandmother” – Helen’s cat-loving mom.

Grandma Purry will serve afternoon tea, cakes and snacks to the cats served on soft china, “provide lots of conversation” on a “nicely dressed table and chair”, a “special drink And a “handmade toy”, as well as photo updates.

The owners wanted their hotel to feel like “home”

One of Grandma Purry’s favorite things to do is “watch Columbo with the cats,” Helen jokes.

“Cats love it,” added Helen. “It’s a home away from home.”

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