The popularity of the Bengal cat breed is increasing

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — The Cincinnati Bengals rose to popularity after reaching the Super Bowl, but Bengal cats have always been popular among cat lovers.

“They are a very, very popular breed,” said Jeni Myers, owner of Tinyleopards bengal cattery in the Miami Valley. “That’s what draws a lot of people to them is that they look so exotic.”

Myers has been breeding Bengal cats for about five years. “My husband who is severely allergic to cats, bad asthma – absolutely no reaction to them,” she said.

She said there are a lot of misconceptions about Bengal cats.

“They are not scratched. They are spotted. In fact, they also come in a marble,” describes Myers. “You can get some that have more orange tones, but they’re considered brown spots.”

Bengal cats are domestic and come in a variety of colors. Myers said they are smart, quick and very active cats.

“Most of them play fetch. You can teach them to walk on a harness. They love to walk. They love being outdoors,” Myers said. “Their personalities – they are very energetic. They are very curious, very curious.

Myers said that in addition to misconceptions about the breed, there are also misconceptions about breeders.

“There are a lot of negative associations with herders. People just think they’re here to make money, they raise their kittens in cages, they’re not socialized, they’re not healthy, they’re not happy,” Myers said. “That’s another thing people think negatively about breeders – that they’re contributing to the pet population. I’m not contributing to the pet population.

Myers said all of her cats are spayed and neutered.

“I microchipped them too. I have all their age-appropriate vaccines. They are wormed,” Myers said.

She also does genetic testing on all of her cats and offers new owners medical insurance for a month.

“I kinda noticed with the Bengals going to the Super Bowl that a lot more people are calling me, emailing me, and messaging me on Facebook,” Myers said of the interest and inquiries. “I already have a waiting list for my upcoming litters.”

Myers and his home Bengals will cheer on Cincinnati in the Super Bowl.

To find out more about Bengal cats or to contact Myers, Click here.

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