The Iceland Platinum Jubilee range made us want to party – Here’s what we got for £25

Whether you’ve got big party plans that involve the whole neighborhood or you’re not leaving the couch during the blockbuster holiday weekend, here’s how you can make your celebrations delightful.

Armed with a £25 voucher from the supermarket, we were determined to throw a royal feast on a budget in Iceland.

Here’s how far your money will go in Iceland for your big Jubilee street party store.

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The Icelandic Platinum Jubilee Range – A Review

Not being regular customers of Iceland we were quite impressed with how far the £25 went for our purchases.

The supermarket’s 3 for £5 offer was particularly impressive and featured many ranges of popular party foods.

You’ll find everything from tempura prawns (£2.00, 130g) and sticky chicken skewers (£2.00, 181g) to 12 deep dish mini cheese pizzas (312g, £2.50) in his offer 3 for £5.

Family favorites like Mozzarella Sticks (270g, £2), Icelandic Vegetable Spring Rolls 28 (approx) (560g, £2) and even delicious desserts like the 20 Mini Chocolate Eclairs from Iceland (230g, £2) that are sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Iceland is well stocked with specially themed products like Jubilee Large Pork Pie (£4.00, 1pk) and Jubilee Chicken Crowns (£3.00).

We went to Iceland to buy their Platinum Jubilee range. Credit: Rebecca Carey/ Iceland

Sadly, there was no part of the Mad Party GB Celebration range available in store, but you can get a pack of 10 cups, a pack of 10 plates and a pack of 20 napkins for £1 each.

You can also outfit your street party with a Mad Party GB Celebration Paper Table Cover for £2.

For some party snacks, candies and chips are also not lacking.

We opted for two packs of our favorite Walkers Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli Sharing Crisps (£1.25), but you can also get Walkers Classic Variety Multipack Crisps for £3.50, which come in 22 x 25g bags.

To wash it down, we choose Whites Lemonade (3L, £1.25) which you can also get as part of a 2 for £2 deal via the Icelandic website now.

For the sweet tooth, we’ve rounded out our shopping list with Mr Kipling Viennese Whirls (6pck, £1.25), Mr Kipling Victoria Slices (6pck, £1.25) and Bells Scotland’s Baker Sultana Cake (1.50 £).

Although not available in stores on this occasion, you can also get Jubilee Carrot Cake (£2) and Victoria Sponge Cake (£2) which will save you the hassle of baking and are the perfect accompaniment to a nice cup of tea.

Hereford Hours:

Our Icelandic Platinum Jubilee Shopping List

Total = £24.75

Shop the full line of Platinum Jubilee party foods and desserts through the Iceland website.

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