The Council offers a discretionary subsidy to companies in difficulty in the “forgotten” sector


In the photo above, Quintessential Quarters owner Jacqueline Montegrino

The Stafford Borough Council offered a discretionary grant to a Cotes Heath company after hearing how they lost almost all bookings during the pandemic.

Jacqueline Montegrino, owner of Quintessential Quarters, spoke out last week after being denied foreclosure payment for the closed business because the pet boarding business was not forced to close under restrictions national lockdowns.

She felt her industry was a “forgotten sector” during the Covid-19 pandemic, as bookings “melted” when the first lockdown was announced.

Since then the company, which is based at Cotes Heath near Eccleshall, Staffordshire has had to put staff on leave twice in 2020 and currently has a small staff to keep it running smoothly.

Following the article, the Stafford Borough Council, which must follow government guidelines for the payment of grants, then approached Jacqueline to discuss an additional grant which may be paid at its discretion.

Jacqueline said: “I welcome the fact that the Borough Council has shown flexibility and is ready to consider alternatives to the fund that was refused.

“I have now submitted a new application and it is with the board that has not yet told me whether it has been successful or not.

“I decided to talk about it because I wanted to highlight the lack of fairness.

“Business lines, such as residential schools, cannot get business because people have been told not to travel, but we are not eligible for funding for the closure because we do not have received the order to close.

“I have worked with the Pet Industry Federation and spoken to kennels and catteries as far away as Scotland and the south of England, and many companies have had virtually no reservations in recent years. month.”

A council spokesperson said: “Ms. Montegrino will receive a grant. She was not eligible for government foreclosure grants because the criteria are specific and she was not forced to shut down her business.

“But she is entitled to a discretionary council grant that is intended for businesses that have suffered financially from the pandemic, but not forced to shut down.

“Companies who believe they are eligible for this or other grants should contact us. “

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