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Nicole Dimoff, owner of Tara Estate Pet Boarding, one of Canberra’s most recommended doggy day care centers. Photo: Thomas Lucraft.

If you’re a dog owner, there’s a good chance you’ve been considering outside grooming at any time. Maybe this is the day you arrived home to find your pooch pouting on the floor. Or maybe the day your cheeky puppy took landscaping issues in his own paws. Or maybe the day you checked the house camera to find your furry baby gnawing at everything he sees.

And who could blame them? They love us, thrive on love and affection. They overlap our ups and downs; and have the right to own some of them. These emotions are often heightened when our beloved dogs are left home alone. Many pet owners know that it is not uncommon to find their dog bored, stressed, or even depressed while at home alone.

Separation anxiety and outright boredom can sometimes cause barking, screaming, self-harm and destruction. Much of this is often preventable, and it really is quite simple. Certain exercises, games, and mental stimulation all help to keep your dog healthy and happy.

That said, work, family life, and extra commitments all limit our ability to give our dogs the time they really need. This is where dog day care, or dog day care, is the help we need.

Dog day care centers, like many pet services, exist to make life easier for their owners and to make their pets’ lives more fulfilling. Just like the daycare for the children, the daycare for dogs offers daily care at set times for your dog. The number of dog day care centers has exploded in recent years, offering more choice and better quality care.

Many centers even offer transportation, meals and grooming services to ensure you and your dog have everything you need. But with so many choices, finding the right center can be difficult. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of the best doggy day care options in the Canberra area, read on to find out more.

What makes a great dog daycare?

The best dog day care centers are a home away from home for your beloved four-legged friend. They are a haven for your dog and you know they will leave as healthy and happy as when they arrived. Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a daycare service for your dog:

  • Dog lovers. A great way to assess the suitability of any doggy day care is to look at the credentials of the caregivers themselves. After all, caregivers are the reason you’re here, they make your dog feel at home. Look for centers run and staffed by dog ​​lovers. Also make sure that the staff-to-dog ratio is high. Also, consider caregivers and their qualifications. Check for qualifications in Animal First Aid, Animal Behavior, or Animal Care. A genuine love of dogs along with professional quality skills will help you confirm that your pooch is in good hands.
  • Well-being first. What really separates the best dog day care centers from the rest is their philosophy of care. The best will always put the welfare of your furry friend first. And when we say wellness, we mean the whole package. Mentally, physically, socially and nutritionally – whatever the need or priority, they will meet it. Just like us, your dog’s needs can change from day to day and the best daycare teams work with that. Whether it’s extra hugs, quiet times, or more fresh air, they will strive to meet your dog’s needs.
  • Fabulous facilities. When it comes to facilities, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, all good dog day care centers need to be perfectly clean. Be sure to check private and shared spaces and educate yourself on cleaning practices. Second, think about how dogs are socialized or separated. The best daycares will ensure that dogs are grouped appropriately for all shared activities to maximize their safety. Third, consider your dog’s needs and consider indoor and outdoor spaces. Are the facilities stimulating, do they contain natural elements, are there opportunities for natural light and fresh air in humid weather? The best centers will be proud to show you around their facilities.
  • Plenty of activities. The best dog day care centers will have well thought out daily routines with plenty of time for rest, exercise, and play. Look for those that offer guided, sitter-led activities to make sure your dog is groomed and groomed. Also, think about where these activities take place. Some centers may offer outdoor walks, trips to the park, bush walks, etc. Find a center with an activity program that best suits your furry friend.
  • Sparkling service. Many good centers now offer a sparkling array of services, all designed to make it easier for you to partner with them. Whether it’s the meals provided, transportation to and from treatments, on-site grooming or the possibility of activities they’ve covered. Some dog day care centers may even work with trainers, vets, and boarding schools, which can prove useful in the long run. Always make sure you have a full overview of rates and extras while working out what works best for you

The best doggy day care center in Canberra

The RiotACT editorial team has combed through 20 years of on-site feedback to come up with a list of the most recommended companies in your opinion.

To be featured in our Best of Canberra series, every business must have received regular positive reviews on RiotACT and Facebook, as well as maintain a minimum 4/5 star average on Google.

Dog daycare Tara Estate

Dog daycare Tara Estate

As one of Canberra’s oldest and most respected pet care providers, Tara Estate offers daycare and accommodation for dogs and cats. Their doggy day care service, like all the others offered, is second to none.

Set in a beautiful farm-inspired estate, the daycare is at home amidst a landscaped dam, an action-packed outdoor play area, and plenty of interactive amenities that appeal to furry animals.

The highly experienced team at Tara Estate strives to provide enrichment based care ensuring physical and mental activity during the time your dog spends with them.

Each dog is placed by his peers according to his temperament; and is fully supervised throughout the day. The daily schedule contains the perfect balance of socializing, play and quiet time, maximizing the domain environment.

Their impressive facilities include individual accommodation, grooming services, training, and airport transfers. For respected caregivers and everything you need for your pal under one roof, come to Tara Estate Dog Daycare.

Rachel Hamilton shared this glowing comeback from Tara Estate Doggy Daycare on Google, My dog ​​loves daycare here, always comes home happy and exhausted. The staff know him very well and always let me know how he was during the day.

9 Beltana Road
Palligo ACT 2609


Safe, welcoming and fully insured, Paws2Play is one of Canberra’s premier dog day care centers. Committed to providing a supportive and nurturing environment for your beloved dog, Paws2Play caters to dog owners in Canberra, Yass, Queanbeyan and the surrounding areas. In addition to their dog daycare services, Paws2Play also offers kindergarten and puppy obedience classes.

Tee Oslo said this about Paws2Play, “My dog ​​has been coming here for almost two years now and loves it. He’s so excited he runs to the entrance and doesn’t have time to say goodbye when I drop him off! The staff are super friendly and really love their jobs.

Pet Care in Canberra

Canberra Pet Care’s caring team of professionals have been providing quality care for decades. Special attention is paid to cats and dogs in a “true pet resort”. Services include play hours, bush walks and ‘Yappy Hour’. Shampoo and blow-dry services are available for dogs upon departure. Canberra Pet Care is a unique concept in the field of animal care. Pets love the Superior Pet Motel. Luxury suites are available.

On Riot Act, Julie-Anne Boxall wrote, “The best people. Have a dam and plenty of room for the animals to run around and play.

Dog day

Your dog is the top priority of the experienced team behind Dog’s Day Out. Your furry friend gets the love and attention they deserve while they play and rest in this fully covered facility. With multiple play areas, Dog’s Day Out divides dogs into safe play groups based on size, age, and ability.

Jen Large shared this comment on Dog’s Day Out on Google, “We were extremely pleased with the care and fun our little Audrey has at Dog’s Day Out Doggy. She loves to visit and she has a regular reservation every week. We think our pooch is in very good hands Kate and her team are excellent !! ”


Open from 6 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., the passionate team at Pups4Fun offers a fun and rewarding dog daycare program for dogs of all breeds and ages. With plenty of opportunities to socialize with other pets, your pet won’t get bored or restless while you’re on the move.

Karina Conza shared this rave review on Google, “I I am so thankful for Pups 4 Fun and their fantastic services. Our puppy is having so much fun at the special daycare and we have seen a huge improvement in his behavior during the first few weeks only. This, combined with a very simple online booking system, convenient deposit / withdrawal procedures, and daily photo updates, I cannot recommend this company highly enough! “

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Your experience with dog daycare in Canberra

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