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Deuce and Queenie

Deuce and Queenie

Special for the star

Rhonda Flossie

Raising: Domestic Shorthair

Age: 3 years, 2 months

Here we see Rhonda, passing the time in our cattery, waiting to be adopted, performing her favorite scene from “The Titanic”. Yes, she leaves Jack, but she is looking for a loving family to keep her forever. Come meet this sweet and mischievous girl today.

Deuce and Queenie

raise: Deuce, male, and Queenie, female, domestic short hair

Age: Both are 4

The best pair of cats in town are waiting for your arrival, it’s Deuce and Queenie. This duo came to Wayside Waifs because their previous owner couldn’t take care of them anymore. One thing they told us was how attached Deuce and Queenie were at the hip and doing so well together that they couldn’t imagine life without each other.

We saw that here at the shelter, so they must go back together. But you get twice the hugs, twice the love, so why not love? Deuce is a bit more reserved than Queenie, but Queenie brings out Deuce’s playful side. They really balance each other out. They make great cookies and have lovely purrs to listen to. They ask that they go to a quiet house and that the children in the house are at least 5 years old or older. So, are you ready to add a little more love into your life? Come meet Deuce + Queenie today.

Wayside Waifs is able to accommodate walk-in visitors. To learn more about the adoption process and the animals available, visit www.waysidewaifs.org

To learn more about Rhona Flossie or to see all of our available pets, visit unleashedrescue.com/adopt!

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