Sudbury News: Animal shelter sees rise in people abandoning pets

A local animal care organization in Sudbury continues to deal with a large number of animals at its shelter.

Pet Save said Monday that more and more people are abandoning their pets every day. Director Jill Pessot said the latest tally was alarming.

“We have about 40 dogs and over 20 puppies, and we have about 150 cats and about 40 kittens,” Pessot said.

“The saddest thing is that we have so many people fired after the (COVID-19) pandemic that people have gone out in public and gone back to work. They had changes in their lives.

Pessot said that due to the large influx of animals and the lack of space, the shelter had to rely on local boarding kennels, which comes at a high cost.

“Since our establishment only houses 14 dogs, we have had to pay boarding at two kennels in Val Caron since Christmas,” said Pessot. “Our boarding bill last month was $9,000.”

She said that every day she has to refuse five to six abandonments, and she finds that the dogs people abandon have very limited training.

“You’ve taken responsibility for a dog, let’s try to train it, socialize it and start working on it,” she said.

“If you put a few months of hard work into your dog, he’ll be a great pet.”

Pet Save is currently looking for more volunteers, as well as dog and cat treats, plus blankets and toys.

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