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The Good Kennel Guide calls on the government to support kennels and catteries before they are forced out of business.

“With the uncertainty of overseas travel continuing to erase this holiday season, we anticipate the licensed pet boarding industry could be decimated, with over 80% of businesses in some areas closing from by February 2022,” guide founder Sarah Harrison said.

“Early indications are that people will either not travel at all this year or will stay in the UK, taking their beloved pets with them. With a huge increase in pet ownership during lockdown, many new pet owners will be wondering what to do with their pet when normalcy returns.

Since the Good Kennel Guide’s report on the hidden kennel closure crisis was first published in March, some councils have provided limited support to kennels and catteries, but many are still holding up.


Sarah said: “Our new research shows that many councils refusing to pay are in UK hotspots such as Devon, Dorset and Cornwall, while many UK businesses (and councils) are hoping make up for their pandemic losses through stays in the UK. , those who depend on overseas travel, such as licensed kennels and catteries, wonder how much longer they can hang on.

Research by found that over 70% of licensed kennels and catteries have been around for over 10 years, with many being passed down from generation to generation for 20 years or more.

“It represents an enormous wealth of experience that cannot easily be replaced but continues to be undervalued,” Sarah added. “A lot of these businesses are very small and family run which seems to be the main factor that has let them down as big industry is supported by the government. Unfortunately, due to the nature of this business, many of these families are at risk of losing their homes as well as their business. »


One business owner said: ‘We are aware of six kennels and catteries that have closed within a 10 mile radius of our business – devastating!

Many other business owners said they were “suffering from severe mental health issues caused by the stress and lack of support they had received throughout the pandemic” and many said they had already had to lay off or close completely.

Sarah said: “We call on the government and local authorities to support our hardworking, experienced and licensed kennels and catteries.

“So many of these small family businesses are permanently closing their doors every day. Supporting our small UK family businesses who are now dependent on overseas travel will avert an animal welfare emergency in our future recovery from the covid-19 pandemic caused by animals being abandoned, neglected and sent to care centres. rescue and prevent an increase in illegal unlicensed boarding. ”

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