St Giles Animal Rescue officially opens a new cattery

The official opening of a new cattery at St Giles Animal Rescue was celebrated by trustees and supporters of the association on Saturday 14th May.

The opening was blessed with excellent weather and was well attended by those who helped found the new facility, including St Giles trustees and RSPCA volunteers.

The occasion was marked by the presence of animal rescue ambassador Luna and her owner Grace Haskins, who runs florist Bramble and Wild in Frome.

St Giles’ Chairman of the Board, Jan Brooks, and Center Manager, Jack Linnell, helped make the official opening a day to remember.

The new cattery will help the association look after the growing number of cats in their care.

Jack said: “We are extremely proud of the new accommodation, which will provide all of our feline guests with a calm and pleasant environment while they are with us.

“Unfortunately, we have seen an increase in the number of stray and abandoned cats, so this will help us help more people in need.”

The new cattery contains 10 rescue pens and 10 boarding pens. Image: St Giles Animal Rescue

The new enclosures are located near the on-site veterinary practice in a quiet neighborhood.

Penthouse-style cattery enclosures provide a spacious and comfortable space for cats to enjoy their stay at the center.

There are 10 rescue pens and 10 boarding pens licensed at five-star level with cattery boarding permits.

The Wrantage-based charity aims to alleviate the suffering of animals, especially dogs and cats, who need care and attention.

Somerset County Gazette: The official opening of the new cattery was blessed with excellent weather.  Image: St Giles Animal RescueThe official opening of the new cattery was blessed with excellent weather. Image: St Giles Animal Rescue

It operates rescue centers and helps find new homes for rescued, abandoned or otherwise homeless animals.

St Giles Animal Rescue prepares its rescued animals for adoption by treating and training them and preparing them for a better life.

St Giles Animal Rescue depends on the support of its sponsors and the public to help cover vet, boarding and food costs.

In December, St Giles Animal Rescue received over £5,000 from the Gannett Foundation (the County Gazette’s editor) after a reader vote during its Cash for Charity campaign.

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