So you think you want a Bengal cat? Think again !



After saving 57 hybrid cats and referring so many more to other sanctuaries, we know a lot about cats like Thor. And that’s not at all what the breeders promise.

Hybrid cats are NOT like domestic cats

Wild cat sanctuary

Most of our hybrid rescues were donated by people who bought these designer cats from a breeder. (Read dozens and dozens of firsthand stories HERE.) They’ve been told they have the look of a leopard and the personality of a house cat – which is just not true. You can never predict how many feral cats and domestic cats will be in the genetic makeup of these cats.

Although buyers are willing to spend a lot of money on exotic looking cats, they are later shocked and do not want any of the breed specific common traits they possess. They just wanted a cute cat, that’s all.

Living with the loud meows and meows common to these cats or enduring the pungent smell of their marking and urinating throughout the house, destroying carpets, walls and furniture, requires most owners to scramble, to looking for a solution.

Guess what? There are not any! It is the nature of the beast, as they say.

Phoenix Caucus in the Bronx

Wild cat sanctuary

They seem to be surprised by the chronic health problems that these breeds often suffer from as well. After buyers paid ranchers thousands of dollars, they are now finding vet bills for chronic diarrhea, upper respiratory infections, and more. This can often make the initial purchase price seem paltry.

Phoenix Bronx

Wild cat sanctuary

Bengals and hybrids from catteries also have a greater chance of having FIP (feline infectious peritonitis) – a fatal disease in cats. Nothing is more heartbreaking than saying goodbye to a cat you’ve fallen in love with. Find out what it was like for this owner who entrusted us with her FIP kitten, Esteban, after spending thousands of dollars trying to diagnose her many problems. By the way, the breeder did not help at all.

We can do better

It’s easy for many people to see why a 400-pound tiger shouldn’t be kept as a pet, but people will always try to keep these little feral cats and hybrid cats as pets. They don’t seem to understand that no matter how small, wild means wild!

These cats are caught between two worlds. Some are wild or shy, others want attention, most have health and behavior issues when delivered to us. We accept the dirt, health and behavior issues that most people refuse to accept. Through donations, we are able to provide them with indoor and outdoor spaces where they can extend their natural wild side.

We encourage anyone considering a Bengal or hybrid cat as a pet to read firsthand stories from previous owners and the issues they have faced before making a decision you may regret. And read the reality of what it is for those cats in breeder’s catteries, cats like Sapphire. For those of you who have rescued a Bengal or hybrid cat and have remained attached to your cat, thank you!

With so many wonderful pets in desperate need of a home, there is simply no excuse to buy or raise exotic cats as pets. We hope you will help us educate others whenever you see hybrids being promoted as suitable pets, because nothing could be further from the truth.

Please share this link which has everything you needed or ever wanted to know about hybrids. We need your help to prevent more hybrid cats from being mindlessly bred for profit. Education is the key.

Thank you for your donations which help us take care of all these abandoned hybrids to which we have given refuge. Without you, they would have no other choice.

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