So cute! Adorable Louis kitten living a happy life after being found dying in a hedge



Louis was found shivering under a hedge in a garden – full of fleas and feline flu and was extremely close to death.

Fortunately, thanks to Rain Rescue, a rescue charity based in South Yorkshire, he was immediately found and rushed to the vet in a life and death situation.

Too bad to eat or drink, Louis didn’t even have the strength to suck on the bottled food he was given, so Rain’s cattery director brought him home with her and injected her with food. fluid and medication in her mouth at regular intervals throughout the night, thus saving her life.

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The adorable kitten Louis was rescued by Rain Rescue.

Now, two and a half weeks later, Louis is a full blooming kitten who would normally have been weaned from his mom.

Louis was lucky that Rain found him in time and saved his life, but there are even more kittens out there with no one to look after and help them.

Rain Rescue said: “Thanks to donations from people who care enough Rain is still – despite Covid – here to find those pitiful homeless animals who urgently need our help to keep them safe and restore them to full health. and eventually find them a safe and kind home.

“If you have a cat, get it spayed, because the Tomcats will be Tomcats, and if the cats aren’t spayed, the problem with kittens like Louis will get even worse.

Petit Louis photographed with a rescuer in the rain.

“They are born stray, and many kittens will die as Louis nearly did from neglect and those who reach maturity add to the problem.”

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