Sky cattery: breeding and ethical catteries



Does improving the traits of future generations using selective breeding count?

Selective breeding is primarily focused on the artificial choice of breeding in which humans decide the schedule of these bred animals, determining the dominant characteristics, types and specifications.

A sentence was spoken once stating “Since there is no perfect cat, there is no perfect cattery” but why not create one? Khalid Al-Sanousi, breeder and founder of Sky Cattery – Kuwait proves the opposite for all rescuers and people who are against breeding.

Many attacks have been pointed out lately by animal rescuers that breeding should be stopped and not supported in any form. Claim that this is cruelty and that humans should embrace what is packaged in shelters.

There are always two sides to every area that people engage in, the good and the bad and for Khalid he has proven the good. “Sky Cattery is a friendly, safe and stress-free environment for luxury cats. It was designed and implemented by local Kuwaiti interior designers, making it all the cats to dream of living in. No cattery has reached such a level of dedication and passion towards cats. It all started when Khalid couldn’t find the cat he had always wanted. have, which is sketched in his imagination. .

Genuine and dedicated breeders deserve respect as they support the beauty and uniqueness of special traits for the future generation, regardless of what breed species they specialize in.

Who qualifies as an ethical breeder?

Breeding needs a budget for each individual, attention, dedication and care. Farming / backyard farming is what Khalid does not support at all as it is unethical and cruel. Khalid states on one of his posts “Breeding is not an easy task as most of you see I do not encourage breeding if you are not ready to give your all and make sacrifices in this area then I don’t advise you Go ahead. Therefore, these souls will be the ones to suffer and suffer in the long run. ”- Caption from the Sky Cattery IG post. how reliable a breeder is, of the environment, of hygiene, of the nutrition served to these animals.

There are no set standards for breeders yet, we aim to make that happen, by setting guidelines to distinguish qualified breeders from non-qualified breeders. However, on the other hand, humanity and kindness are part of a common ethic, where animals should not be used for the sake of capitalism but rather for the passion of the estate itself in breeding. beautiful souls.

What makes Sky Cattery a perfect example?

Sky Cattery showed a fun example of selective breeding in the form of a cattery led by Khalid towards factors of framework, diet, dedication, individual care based on a goal of passion and not just profit. . The Sky Cattery offers a nice selection of cats that your eyes would fall on, making them stand out by supporting the idea of ​​selective breeding. Unique people with specific tastes like to adopt special animals with specific characteristics that would suit them, so why not for breeding? If it’s done in the right ethical way.


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