Saving stray dogs: Bolton saves cats in urgent need of loving homes


An Animal Rescue Charity is looking for volunteer foster families to house their animals.

Saving Strays saves a wide range of unwanted and fragile animals, including cats, dogs, horses, birds and rabbits.

Bolton’s charity then matches the animal with a suitable foster carer.

Rescue Officer Jenny Herriot said: “We are in desperate need of volunteer foster families to house some of our cats and other animals.

“We have well over 50 animals in our care and we have nine on our waiting list, ready to enter.

“We are renovating the cattery right now, as we are expanding the space to accommodate more cats.

“Every case that happens is different and on some occasions we have been able to reunite animals with their owners.

“We always try to match the animal to the person, so that they are comfortable in their new home.

“Foster families receive an adoption file, which includes information on vaccinations, etc.

“Foster families should give their animals a lot of love and attend veterinary appointments from time to time.

“If the foster families are not driving, we have a transport team that helps the animals get to necessary appointments.

“We have a team of volunteers and we see ourselves as family.

The association has a team of transport, delivery, follow-up, adoption and home control.

Saving Strays is hosting a fundraiser on November 28 at the Tonge Cricket Club on Crompton Way starting at 12:30 p.m.

Participants will have the opportunity to browse the 30 booths of the event, participate in a raffle and enjoy refreshments.

Jenny added, “There will be a bar available all afternoon.

“We are also awaiting the visit of the Grinch to kick off the holiday season. It should be a big event, with food and drink available.

“The fundraising is all about raising money for our animals and covering ever-increasing veterinary costs. ”

Saving Strays was founded in 2019 by animal lover Hayley Egan.


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