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Workers at the Northamptonshire Animal Group have made a desperate appeal to find potential cat owners after 2021 was ‘their toughest year’ for rehousing cats. The branch is currently overwhelmed with 76 cats, having already welcomed 184 this year.

The association is concerned about the lack of adopters and fears that an oversaturation of cat breeding during the Covid pandemic is to blame.

Michelle Billingham, Cat Adoption Coordinator at RSPCA, said: “The number of potential adopters has almost dried up and even stopped. But unfortunately, the number of cats and kittens in our care has not decreased and we are really inundated at the moment.

“As a result, all our reception places are full and we even have a waiting list for other people who wish to be entrusted to us once the place is available.”

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Ms Billingham continued: ‘We hope the reason people haven’t come forward lately may be because of the school holidays and they are waiting to get back to their routine before adopting a pet.

“But we are also concerned that there was a saturation of cats and kittens during the lockdown and that people have multiplied into thinking they can sell them – and now find that no one wants them.”

The RSPCA Northamptonshire will host a Facebook live virtual visit to their cattery today at 6 p.m. in order to arouse interest in the cats in their care. This will be an opportunity for potential owners to view some of the cats available for placement and to speak to staff about cat welfare.

One of the cats in search of a loving home is three-year-old Raffles, who was stray before the RSPCA took him in. He is wary of people but likes little stories, so he would be better suited to an indoor home without children. .

Another is Smudge – also three years old – who is said to be a friendly and affectionate cat who enjoys company but can get overly excited at times. He would be happy to live with another cat and school-aged children.

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