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By Paul Gibson

We would like to start by thanking everyone who attended the One Fun Day Dog Show, it was a fabulous day and a lot of fun was for all, the weather was definitely on our side as the sun was shining all day.

Thanks to everyone who participated and supported our stands, we raised £ 2,000! This money now goes directly into the day-to-day operation of the adoption center.

Without events like these, we couldn’t do what we do best, caring for hundreds of neglected cats and dogs every year.

Lots of people have also been asking when our next event will be and for those who would like to attend we will be having a Christmas Fair on December 11, 2021 from noon to 4 p.m. at Lord Street West Church in Southport. We will post more details in the coming weeks. We are already busy preparing for the Christmas raffle and the same day.

In other news, we currently have a lot of cats in need of forever homes. Currently we have the very fluffy Raymond who is a very sweet four year old boy with long hair.

We found Raymond a bit shy here at the cattery; however, it comes out of its shell little by little every day. Raymond will need a supportive and patient home, a place where he is not in a hurry and can live each day at his own pace.

We don’t know much about Raymond’s story as he entered the cattery as a stray – which is why he can be uncertain at times. Since Raymond is a boy with long hair, he will need regular grooming. This can be limited and frequent once he settles down and relaxes in his new surroundings. Raymond needs a quiet, adults-only house with no other pets.

Also currently hoping to find her second chance at happiness is the very pretty Cherry. Cherry is around a year old and needs an experienced cat family as she can be a sassy and cheeky girl.

She needs a mature house without animals; all children must be 12 years of age and over. We found Cherry very playful here at the cattery, she also loves spending time on her cat tower. Cherry enjoys the company of humans but lets us know when she’s had enough manipulation for a day.

Finally for anyone looking for a cat couple, we have the gorgeous mother and daughter duo Savannah and Paisley. Savannah is a very pretty two year old girl who came to our house with her eight week old daughter Paisley. They need an adult-only pet-free home.

Savannah and Paisley

Savannah has been a brilliant mom and the couple love spending time together. Savannah is very confident and personable. She will always come to get attention; love head bumps, chin scratches, ear scratches, rolls in front of you.

She appreciates a lot of attention and won’t allow you to do anything other than petting her!

We haven’t seen her take an interest in toys, but we’ve seen her play with Paisley and think she’ll become more playful interactively in a house. Paisley is very nervous towards humans and is known to hiss when approached due to his shyness. She needs very patient owners who will spend a lot of time socializing her.

If you would like to apply for one of our chats, please apply by filling out a Perfect Match form. This can be found on our website as well as all other chats currently available. Upon receipt of your application, a member of our reception team will contact you.

The RSPCA Southport, Ormskirk & District branch is located in New Cut Lane, Southport, Merseyside.

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