RSPCA relocates 124 cats to Gloucestershire, but Smokey still needs one



The RSPCA has seen a huge increase in cat searches as new figures show that on average the charity is relocating two cats every hour.

There was a 166% increase in searches for cats on the RSPCA’s FindAPet website after the first year of the pandemic.

Last year, the association welcomed 17,868 cats, or 53 per day or two cats every hour. In Gloucestershire, 124 cats were taken in in 2020.

Centers and branches also care for more cats than any pet with nearly 3,000 moggies in the care of the RSPCA since the start of the year (January 1 to August 31).

This month marks Adoptober, when the RSPCA shines a light on the animals in its care looking for homes, and with more cats in the charity’s care than any other pet, it means ‘there are a lot of feline friends looking to be adopted.

Sam Gaines, RSPCA Companion Animal Team Leader, said: “It’s great to see so many people interested in adopting RSPCA cats. The lockdown has really brought to light the close bond we have with our pets and for many people their pets have become a real source of comfort in these trying times.

“We have seen a huge increase in the number of pet owners over the past year and while it is positive that so many people want to adopt a pet, we would like to stress the importance of do your research to make sure you have the time, patience, and money to care for this animal for the rest of its life.

“Our centers and branches are seeing a lot of cats being entrusted to them at the moment. This could be due to the end of the kitten season when most cats are born or, more worryingly, it could be because people who bought cats on impulse earlier in the year are now struggling to get there. to face.

“However, we urge anyone who has done their research thoroughly and wishes to take a rescue cat to consider adopting RSPCA.”

Currently the Cotswold Dogs and Cats house has Smokey, a beautiful one year old black male cat. He is said to be a lovable boy, who struggles to fit into cattery life while he is at home.

At the moment he is quite afraid of the new noises and will return to his safe place when he is a little anxious. He enjoys making stories on his own terms and slowly gaining confidence every day.

Smokey is looking for a quieter home without too much back and forth. This handsome boy has a lot of love to give and is looking for someone who can help him build his confidence.

Smokey would work best in an adults-only home, where someone is present most of the day to help them settle in at their own pace. He should be housed as the only pet in the house.

To learn more about Smokey and how to adopt him, please visit his Find A Pet page.

Sam added: “We believe that neutering cats from the age of four months will reduce the number of unwanted and unexpected litters of kittens that are born and unfortunately end up in rescue centers. We understand that many owners may not have been able to have their pets sterilized, as vets naturally had to prioritize emergencies in the face of Covid-19. However, we urge anyone with an unsterilized female cat to get her spayed as soon as they can and keep her indoors until she is spayed.

To help the RSPCA continue to save, rehabilitate and relocate animals in desperate need of care, please visit our website or call our donation line on 0300 123 8181.


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