RSPCA concerned about influx of cats and kittens into West Norfolk



The western branch of the RSPCA Norfolk has seen a dramatic influx of cats and kittens in recent weeks.

They fear he will be driven because people abandon their “lockdown” pets and accidental litters.

The staff at the Tilney All Saints branch are concerned about the large number of cats in their care.

The western branch of the RSPCA Norfolk has seen a dramatic influx of cats and kittens in recent weeks (49744974)

The cattery is currently full with 14 cats and eight kittens, and they also now have a waiting list of more who want to come to the care of the association.

Carl Saunders, general manager of the branch’s Eau Brink welcome center, said: care once space becomes available.

“It’s concerning, and we hope it’s not the start of something bigger.

“At the moment, the felines in our care are due to a number of reasons – such as accidental litters, where the parent cats had not been sterilized, or people no longer able to care for their animals in due to a change in circumstances We have also taken charge of litter for wild cats.

Fortunately, we still have members of the public contacting us to adopt the cats – but that is the case as soon as one goes out for a placement, there is another that fills their pen.

“We just wanted to highlight this issue and also remind owners of the importance of having their cats spayed so they don’t have accidental litters.”

The West Branch of RSPCA Norfolk has seen a dramatic influx of cats and kittens in recent weeks (49745161)
The West Branch of RSPCA Norfolk has seen a dramatic influx of cats and kittens in recent weeks (49745161)

Among the cats taken in by the branch are Blackberry and Olive, who took care of raising their own kittens. Now that the kittens have all grown up and are exploring the world with their new families, it’s time for Blackberry and Olive to find their own forever homes.

The duo arrived at the pregnant center from the same location and were happy to meet again when the kittens left. The couple seem to really enjoy being at the cattery, and are always curious about visiting other cats. Both girls are a bit shy and therefore will need homes with owners who are patient with them and spend time building their confidence. These adorable moms, who are only two years old, deserve their happy ending just like their babies.

Barnaby and Benjamin, who were part of a litter of kittens at the center, are also looking for a new home. Their siblings have now found a home, but the two boys are staying and will be relocated as a couple.

Staff say the boys are a bundle of joy and that someone will need to be home most of the day for regular meals, games and company. The kittens are microchipped and given their first vaccine, have been treated against fleas and have been dewormed. A voucher will be provided to cover the cost of sterilization when they are old enough.

The national RSPCA has raised concerns over a huge increase in demand for pets during the lockdown, with families making the most of spending more time at home. What the charity is concerned about is what is happening to these “lockdown” pets now and what will happen to them over the next few months.

The charity is concerned that while many families have considered the long-term commitment to taking a pet, some may not have given some thought after the lockdown to how they will take care of their new one. pet when they get back to work or how they’ll pay for them if they were to be hit by the recession.

All future pet owners should do a lot of research and make sure they can commit to this animal. Unfortunately, we know that since animals are so readily and readily available to buy online, it can be very easy for people to buy a new pet on a whim and often this means that within a matter of months, they quickly realize that they cannot cope with them and seek to give them away or resell them.

The Norfolk West branch is a separately registered charity with the national RSPCA. To learn more about repatriating a branch cat, please visit their website.


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