RSPCA Ceredigion seeks more foster families for cats and kittens

The RSPCA Ceredigion has appealed for more people to volunteer as foster families for cats and kittens as there is currently a waiting list of animals to entrust to the charity.

RSPCA Ceredigion member Rachel Jones believes the current overcrowding problem is due to a combination of factors.

Applications for cat adoption have recently declined, which may be due to people wanting to avoid the expense of a new pet during the current economic uncertainty.

Additionally, RSPCA Ceredigion is seeing more stray or abandoned cats and kittens being brought to the charity.

This means animals are staying in RSPCA care for longer while at the same time the backlog of animals waiting to be cared for increases.

Foster families play an important role for the RSPCA Ceredigion: socializing cats and kittens ready for new homes, or providing alternative accommodation for older cats who are visibly stressed in the cattery.

RSPCA Ceredigion provides foster families with cat food and litter and covers all vaccination and neutering costs.

In return, foster families must be able to keep the cat or kitten safe and indoors until it is adopted.

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