RSCPA Oldham appeals to relocate ‘loving’ cat


The Oldham RSPCA is looking for a loving home for one of its longest-staying cats.

Lulu, a ‘sweet girl’ who loves strokes and head rubs, was found stray injured and taken to Oldham Animal Center where she remains after no one asks for her.

Vets have estimated Lulu, who is sterilized, to be between three and five years old.

Staff at the center described Lulu as a “confident girl with some little quirks”.

The black cat took a dislike to the other residents of the cattery a few weeks after arriving and is now in a pen with fewer neighboring cats.


The staff decided that Lulu would be best suited to a household with previous experience with cats, where she is the only pet, and where all the children are over thirteen years of age.

Lulu is a “loving girl” who likes to mess things up in small doses, according to the animal center team.

Jessica Tabern, who works at the center, said: “When Lulu feels like she has received enough attention, she will wonder about doing her own thing, which often involves letting off steam with her toys.

“Feathered hunting toys are Lulu’s favorite, and she often sits staring at them until you play with them.”

The RSPCA Oldham team are also still looking for a permanent home for their ‘oldest cat’, Reuben, a black and white shorthair crossbreed, who became available for adoption six years ago. month.

Lisa Walsh, deputy director of the RSPCA Oldham Animal Center, said: “As the longest-staying cat in our cattery, Reuben is desperate to find a home for himself.”

The RSPCA team is looking for a “quiet home” for Reuben, where all the children are over 13, and he can take his time to gain people’s trust.

Since Reuben suffers from the feline flu, which can recur, he will need to be the only pet in the house.

Ruben’s ears should also be cleaned and checked regularly by a veterinarian.

For more information on Lulu and Reuben, visit the RSPCA Bury and Oldham website.


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