RSCPA Oldham appeals to relocate Crumble the cat

THE RSPCA in Oldham have made a desperate plea to find Crumble the cat a forever home.

The call came in response to lack of interest in Crumble, a two-year-old boy who has been in the care of the RSPCA since May last year.

Crumble is currently in foster care after exhibiting ‘stressful behaviors’ at the cattery, including pulling fur.

The two-year-old follows a grain-free diet to minimize any chance that his food is the cause of his fur stripping.

Lisa Walsh, assistant manager of the RSPCA Oldham Animal Centre, said: ‘Since Crumble was in foster care, we have discovered that Crumble has great prey, loving to run, hide and pounce on hunting toys , the more feathers, the better for him. .

“Crumble is desperate to get out and explore the great outdoors again to deplete his energy so he can play to his heart’s content before coming home for cuddles and food (he’s a real foodie).

!Unfortunately, for Crumble, his current foster home doesn’t have safe access to the outside, so he can’t meet those needs there.

“We are appealing to any family/person who thinks they could be Crumbles forever home to come forward and offer them a foster place in their lives to proceed with a full adoption at a later date if his furry draw resolves once he is able to be the adventurer he dreams of.

For more information, visit the RSPCA website.

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