Research and Markets: An in-depth study of the UK kennel and cattery market in 2010, valuing each of the 67 companies operating in the current market

DUBLIN – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –Research and markets ( announced the addition of “A comprehensive survey of the UK kennel and cattery market in 2010, with an assessment valuing each of the 67 companies operating in the market current “compared to their offer.

The Plimsoll Boarding Kennels & Catteries Analysis provides you with the most recent and comprehensive analysis of the top 67 companies operating in the market. It is ideal for anyone wishing to:

Compare the financial performance of their own business; Identify underperforming companies for the acquisition; Look for successful companies with which to partner or do business; Understand the major engines and shakers in today’s market.

Each business receives the following unique characteristics:

A 5-year performance review using the Plimsoll model – an instant graphical and written analysis that tells you everything you need to know about this company, its strengths and weaknesses; An individual assessment detailing what it is currently worth; An acquisition note describing its attractiveness as a business to be acquired; A coming year outlining the steps needed to improve your health and increase your value.

In addition, the report also includes a 100-page overview of the latest market developments, including:

A 10-year trend analysis detailing changes in the market; A list of exceptional artists in more than 15 categories; A breakdown of industries; KPIs from sales growth to profitability etc.

Main topics covered:

The Plimsoll Analysis Boarding Kennels & Catteries is separated into two sections. One provides a comprehensive summary of the UK market, showcasing some of the UK’s most successful businesses. The second section includes an individual analysis of each of the top UK companies, with each company assigned an overall financial score and review.

100-page industry analysis

  • Analysis of the overall market size

  • Comprehensive performance ranking tables

  • Study of exceptional performers

  • Analysis of trends and averages

  • And much more

The Plimsoll analysis includes a comprehensive financial and business assessment of each company. Ideally analyzed in their own section of the report, we provide you with an in-depth analysis that is not available anywhere else. We can tell you:

Individual assessment of the company

  • If a business is strong or heading for failure

  • If they get the most out of their investments

  • Whether new directors have improved the performance of the company

  • If the company’s debts become problematic

  • If they openly seek sales at all costs

  • If they make the most of their resources

The Plimsoll analysis is the only study of its kind that values ​​each of the top companies in the UK industry. He will tell you:

Individual company valuation

  • How much is your own business worth

  • How it compares to your closest competitors

  • Which companies lost value in the last period

  • Which companies added value during the recession

Also as part of the study

Full company name and address, names and ages of directors, contact details Seven unique “Plimsoll” graphs showing each company’s performance at a glance, industry averages are also displayed showing the bare minimum that each company is performing. business should strive to achieve.

67 Companies mentioned – Some include:

  • A1 Kennels And Cattery Ltd

  • Isle Of Canty Kennels Ltd

  • Kenwood Pension Kennels And Cattery Ltd

  • Chenils Barilla Ltée

  • Kinaldie Pension Kennels & Cattery Ltd

  • Barking Mad Ltd

  • Kennels Kottage Ltée

  • Kennels Longcross Ltd

  • Burnt Oak Farm & Kennels Ltd

  • Kennels & Cattery Longfield Ltd

  • Carmadale Ltd.

  • Cloverfern Ltd

  • Petcareco Ltd

  • East Shaws Boarding Kennels & Cattery Ltd

  • Petpals (UK) Ltd

  • Elms Boarding Kennels Ltd

  • Reddicap Kennels & Catteries Ltée

  • Foredowne Pension Kennels & Cattery Ltd

  • Glendee Ltd.

  • Top Hat and Tail Ltd

  • Halfkey Boarding Kennels Ltd

  • Tor View Kennels & Cattery Ltd

  • Heatherdene Boarding Ltd

  • Valley Boarding Kennels & Cattery Ltd

  • High Larches Ltd

  • West Farm And Kennels Ltée

  • Kennels Hunscote Ltée

  • Witherley Boarding Kennels & Cattery Ltd

  • Imberpark Ltd

  • Xantia Ltd

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