Rescue dog weighing the same as a baby elephant finds forever home


A dog that weighs the same as a baby elephant has found its forever home, an animal welfare charity has said.

Galahad, a four-year-old 100kg mastiff, was the “biggest dog ever” cared for at the Dog’s Trust Canterbury Rehoming Center.

He was the subject of a charity appeal, desperate to find him a place to live, and has now been living with his new owners, the Dimmock family, for three weeks.

Colin Dimmock said: “He’s fantastic – he sits down, gives you his paw, he comes to hug you, he has met cyclists, tractors, cars, other dogs, and is brilliant with our son Matthew, 15 years old, who is autistic. He loves everything about Galahad, except the slime.

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Galahad has fun chasing the garden hose on a warm day and sleeps on the family’s three-seater sofa in the living room at night.

“It snores so loud that we can hear it from our bedroom,” Mr. Dimmock said.

“One thing he does that’s really funny is he walks along the sofa, puts his butt on it and sits there with his front feet on the floor.

“He’s got a brilliant character, he’s absolutely brilliant.”

He added, “He’s just starting to play tug. He will chase a soccer ball around the garden and once he punctures it, he will bring it back. We haven’t found a toy yet that it can’t destroy, usually they last about a day! “

Galahad with new owners Colin, Lindy and Matthew Dimmock
Galahad with new owners Colin, Lindy and Matthew Dimmock

Galahad is the fourth large dog adopted by the family.

Harriet Blaskett, Head of the Dogs Trust Canterbury Rehoming Center, said: “Galahad was by far the biggest dog we have ever had in Canterbury.

“He has already had several houses, so it was very important that we have what we need for him.

“We had a huge response to our call, and couldn’t be more delighted with how well he has settled down with his new big hearted owners, they are a match made in big dog heaven.”

Old English Mastiffs are recognized by Guinness World Records as the heaviest dog breed. An old English mastiff named Zorba set the record for the heaviest dog in 1987, weighing 142 kg (22 stones and 3 pounds).

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