Puppies are looking for volunteers at Friends of Canil de Portimão

About 11 years ago, a photo in a newspaper of a sad-looking dog and a cry for help sparked compassion from a Dutch woman. She visited the Canil de Portimão and was so touched by their need for help of all kinds that she organized a charity lunch to raise funds for the Canil.

As it happened, another Dutch woman attended the fundraiser, became interested, and together they created what is now known as the Friends of Canil de Portimão Association.

After a year and a half, they got official charity status.

As the association evolved over the years, funds for sterilization, medication and vaccination were badly needed. The helpful Canil vet was only able to buy food with the 100 euros per month allocated by the municipality.

The cattery was a cardboard box where healthy and sick cats lived together.

In the years that followed, links were established with associations in the Algarve, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, and adoptions followed. A dog walking project has been launched. A Dutchwoman has joined them to take care of the Canil cattery.

Foster families look after the dogs while Friends search for adoptive families through Facebook and the contacts they have here and abroad.

One of these adoptive parents is Monique. She lives outside of Lagoa (east of Portimão) and takes in dogs from Canil, and takes care of everything needed to find good homes for the dogs.

Monique badly needs more volunteers to help with the daily care of the dogs: walking, feeding, cleaning, playing, socializing, etc.

Volunteers should ideally be available at least one morning or afternoon per week.

Contact Monique if you want to help and make a difference for many puppies: [email protected]

And last but certainly not least. Donations are always welcome for Friends to cover all their costs.



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