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It’s a tail as old as time – families go and pets can’t always come with you, so what do you do with your pets?

Dogs can often go to the homes of family members or friends, or they go to boarding.

Pets Now Boarding has found that cat owners can be a bit more specific about where they want their pets to go – and aims to fill a gap they’ve seen in the market.

Look inside Launceston’s brand new 5-star hotel – for the cats!


Pets Now Boarding’s new luxury cattery is a project that has gone on for years.

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Take a look inside the cat hotel. Video: Daina Oliver

Recently, they opened what they call a “five-star luxury cat hotel” on-site – a custom-designed facility with varying levels of accommodation suitable for picky felines.

James Parker said the project took over a year from when they realized the need for a specially designed cattery.

“We have had a fairly small boutique cattery so far, which has more than tripled our capacity, which is really necessary because unfortunately at peak times we are full and we turn people away.” , did he declare.

“We recognized that Launceston needed more high level cat accommodation like this, so it was about making the plans, the builders and finally building it here.”

The cattery was designed by owner Keri, leaving no stone unturned.

Different “suites” serve different needs – including cat toys, windows, beds, and chairs – with more premium suites offering additions including TVs for stimulation.

It’s a home away from home, but for your pets.

James parker

An area of ​​the cattery still under construction will offer enclosed indoor and outdoor spaces for the cats in care – with a balcony garden being installed, which is expected to open by the end of June.

“There are a lot of different elements that make a boarding experience for a cat a good one,” Parker said.

“A big part of that is creating an atmosphere for the cat to settle in, that’s an incredibly important part – trying to eliminate any stressors that might make a cat feel a certain way. .

“By having a cage-free environment like the one we have, with floor-to-ceiling rooms like this with a large floor space and as much different furniture as you would find in a normal house, a lot of cats come here and you can see how quickly they relax and settle into the environment. “

Special diets and medical requirements are also taken care of by attendants – without too much difficulty, according to Parker.

“It’s a home away from home, but for your pets,” he said.

“We even have rooms designed for the care of the elderly.”

The property is happy to arrange tours anytime during business hours by contacting them on 6344 7783 or by going to 805 Hobart Road Breadalbane.

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