Paradise Pet Suites Seeks New Owner for Luxury “Pet Hotel”

By Mike Watkins / Special for Paradise Pet Suites

Elkhorn’s Paradise Pet Suites prides itself on making sure furry family members – from dogs to hedgehogs – enjoy the conveniences and pleasures of being away from home when their owners are.

It’s a principle and a goal that founders Kathy and Tom Brazer employed early in their nearly 30-year history.

It’s also something they hope whoever replaces them when they decide to sell and move on to the next chapter – hopefully in the not too distant future – will adopt and maintain.

“We’ve always loved animals, but after 30 years it’s time for us to take the next step in our lives,” said Kathy, who grew up playing vet with her stuffed animals as a child.

“If we were 30 years younger, we wouldn’t consider selling. We love it so much.

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The Brazers started Paradise Pet Suites in 1993 after years of breeding and showing Toy Poodles in American Kennel Club (AKC) shows.

It turned into a dog boarding business, and when customers saw the incredible care their pets received, word spread quickly. The clientele grows and, over time, the company expands.

Dog houses are designed with different levels of care and care, depending on the needs of the animals and the desires of their owners.


Today, Kathy describes Paradise Pet Suites as a “mid-sized” luxury kennel with a maximum capacity of 70 dogs and dozens of cats in their cattery. They also provide grooming services.

With a background in interior design and a sense of comfort, Kathy has designed homes for animals – dogs in particular – with varying levels of care and care based on the animals’ needs and their owners’ desires.

“If their pets live very comfortably at home, we want them to be just as comfortable at Paradise Pet Suites; it’s a hotel-like environment,” Kathy said. “That means they stay in one of our executive suites which include upholstered furniture, televisions, mood lighting, a mobile hanging from the ceiling, and artwork, among other amenities,” he said. she declared.

“Animals have different adaptations to their environment – ​​chewing, digging, etc. – out of frustration and fear. So we want to give them an environment similar to what they have at home.

Paradise Pet Suites also offers junior dog suites with white barriers and only 4-5 dogs per room.

Man giving his dog a haircut


“We separate living quarters and walk them around at different times of the day to limit fights and mixing,” Kathy said. “Rooms are always clean and odor free. We pay particular attention to it. »

With three children living in the US, Kathy said she and Tom have no local heirs to leave the business to – but they want to leave it in good hands when they’re ready to sell.

She said they were accepting the offers and expected to move on to their next adventure – traveling abroad, gardening (Kathy is a serious gardener) and visiting their children and grandchildren – next year.

“We’ve always enjoyed running the business as a family without the bureaucracy that weighs us down and the ability to make decisions that we know are best for our customers and for us,” she said. “We have a very loyal staff that we have embraced and cherished, great loyal customers and, of course, we love animals.

“But it’s time to explore what lies ahead next. We have given so much of our life and time to this endeavor, and we will miss it, but we are ready.

Anyone interested in learning more about purchasing Paradise Pet Suites should contact Brazers at [email protected] or by calling 402-289-4033. Learn more about the company at

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