Norwich: Water gushes ‘8 feet into the air’ at Bull roundabout

2:18 PM August 28, 2022

Shopkeepers and property owners have told of ‘traffic chaos’ in the town after water was spotted gushing down the road on a key route through the town.

Anglian Water crews rushed to the scene from as far away as Southend on Saturday morning after a water main burst at The Bull roundabout in Hellesdon.

The company said the road will be reopened in the coming week.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing water rising 8 feet from the ground where Middletons Lane meets Reepham Road.

A water main has burst in Hellesdon leaving a deep hole to be repaired
– Credit: Assessed

Middletons Lane has been closed between Norwich Airport and The Bull following the water main burst.

Ann Roper, owner of Cozy Catz cattery just off Middletons Lane, said: “We have quite a few customers coming from the direction of the airport who will use detours.

Ann Roper, owner of Cozy Catz cattery in Hellesdon

Ann Roper, owner of Cozy Catz cattery in Hellesdon
– Credit: Cozy Catz Cattery

“It’s going to be chaos. It’s a deep hole right next to the roundabout.

“There appear to be temporary traffic lights everywhere else in Hellesdon at the moment as well, so that’s not what we needed.”

The Bull Roundabout in Hellesdon where Middletons Lane meets Reepham Road

The Bull Roundabout in Hellesdon where Middletons Lane meets Reepham Road
– Credit: Google Maps

Daniel Smith, an AB Newsagents staffer near the roundabout, said: “There was about 8ft of water gushing up from the ground but workers got there quickly.

“It’s a busy roundabout so that’s going to have an impact. We’re a bit further down Reepham Road so it shouldn’t affect us, but it’s been a very quiet morning.”

A member of staff at The Bull said there was a lot of work outside the pub, but the liquor was going to remain fully open to customers.

The Bull in Hellesdon

The Bull in Hellesdon
– Credit: Google Maps

Valerie Lake, 70, who lives in Middletons Lane, said the signs were moved on Saturday evening which meant traffic from Middletons Lane was running into traffic on the other side of the roundabout.

She added: “There are three schools on this main road so if they don’t sort something out before the kids get back there will be a problem.

“It will be absolute chaos.”

A spokeswoman for Anglian Water said: ‘We are very sorry for the disruption to road users as we restore and clear Middletons Lane in Hellesdon.

“We have now repaired the water main that burst and will get things back to normal as quickly as possible in the coming week.”

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