NEWSPORT DAILY-Mayor Kerr backs Animal Welfare Act amendments

Budget cuts impact pet safety and welfare

Mr. Kerr also commented on how the budget limits the ability to protect abused animals.

“While the staff involved in this area always do their best, they struggle with limited budgets and laws that often put owners’ rights ahead of animal welfare.

“We currently have an RSPCA inspector who covers from Cairns south to Cape Town and is often limited in what he can attend. By-law officers regularly step in to help, but have only limited powers when it comes to dealing with animal welfare on private property.

“In many cases, even the RSPCA is limited in its ability to act quickly for the benefit of the animals if the owner appears to be in compliance and has the ability to do the right thing.

“I hope that during the review, additional powers will be given to RSPCA and Statute officers.”

“Unless funding is increased so that these cases can be properly monitored, investigated and prosecuted, nothing will ever change in the region.”

RSPCA stands for enhanced animal welfare

RSPCA Queensland CEO Darren Maier also commented on his hopes for this review period.

“The Animal Care and Protection Act is a good law, but there is room for improvement.

“We welcome the changes proposed so far, but call on the government to expand them further to protect animals in line with community expectations.

“The RSPCA Queensland is still continuing discussions with the government regarding the Animal Care and Welfare Regulations, which will cover other animal welfare topics.”

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