! Murcia Today – Exclusive pet villa rental now available at Mountain View kennels and cattery in Fuente Álamo


Rent your pet in its own private pet-friendly villa with 24-hour individual care and attention close to Corvera Airport

Mountain View Kennels and Cattery now offers a private villa for rent for your pets, in addition to their standard pet care services for owners who spend time away.

If you’re worried about leaving your pet in the kennel or cattery, or perhaps leaving a pet sitter (who you may not know well) at your home while you are away, Gill at Mountain View offers a Solution. You can rent a fully independent villa with 24-hour animal care: your pets will never be left alone and will benefit from personalized service throughout their stay.

This fully furnished private one bedroom villa also offers an independent garden for your pet to play and exercise, so you can rest knowing your pet (s) are happy and relaxed.

Exclusive pet villa rental now available at Mountain View Kennels and Cattery in Fuente Álamo

At Mountain View Kennels and Cattery, the health and happiness of your pets is top priority. Gill recognizes that some pet owners have had negative experiences and that some pets are nervous or hostile or have special medical needs, and some owners are rightly concerned about boarding their pets. Good “pet sitters” can be found, but of course many people are uncomfortable with the idea that someone they may not know very well is moving into their home effectively. during their absence.

At Mountain View, different pets can be booked together – dogs and cars can share their homes with other companions, including parakeets, goldfish and hamsters – for any length of stay at very competitive prices .

Finally, to ensure that your pets will be fully taken care of in your absence, Mountain View is fully insured and legally registered: for availability and reservations, not only of the private villa but also kennel and cattery services. standard, please contact them using the details or contact box below.


Paraje El Espinar, Fuente Alamo Murcia,

Mobile: +34 676 39 44 31


Mountain View Kennels, Dog kennels and cattery offering short and long term stays near Fuente Álamo. Dog training services and private villa for pets.

Open for business as usual. Training advice, lessons, grooming services always given. Collection and delivery service available.

Do you need your dog to exercise? Large exercise paddock complete with pick-up and drop-off if necessary.

Mountain View Pension Kennels & Cattery Mountain View Kennels is a family business established in the countryside just outside Fuente Álamo, and has been operating since 2005 as a kennel and cattery for pets in the southwest of Murcia.

In addition, the owner Gill lovegrove Mountain View Pension Kennels & Cattery is a specialized dog trainer and behaviorist, and offers its services either on site or through home visits to all annoying pet owners.

Mountain View Pension Kennels & Cattery The key to Mountain View Kennels’ success is that every resident is considered another pet in the vast grounds and enclosures: dogs are not only housed and fed, they are also walked (twice a day for 40 minutes) and are offered hugs, toys and the chance to play. During the day, they are free to roam around the eight main play areas equipped with trees, tunnels, toys and shelters, but they always have the option of returning to their own pen or kennel.

Mountain View Pension Kennels & Cattery In total there are 20 individual kennels, all fully tiled and with large runs, and each is spacious enough for four large dogs (or a family group) if needed although they are also available for pets: dogs. belonging to different owners are not housed together.

Mountain View Pension Kennels & Cattery At the disposal of the cats are four individual cattery offer upstairs and downstairs accommodation and outdoor tracks.

The food given to them is of high quality, but special dietary needs may also be taken into account and Mountain View will be happy to administer any medication that may be necessary. It is essential that all animals are fully vaccinated upon arrival at the clinic (as well as dewormed and protected against fleas), and vaccination records are kept on site during the animals’ stay, not just for inspection. but also in case of need for veterinary treatment (two local vets in Fuente Álamo are on call 24 hours a day).

And in order to make life as easy as possible for owners planning their trip, a home collection and delivery service is offered, as well as a dating option in the recently opened region of Murcia Corvera International Airport, which is only a 10 minute drive.
Mountain View Pension Kennels & Cattery
Gill and the rest of the staff are very knowledgeable about all dog breeds and work tirelessly with local charities and animal foundations to help treat, care for and relocate lost and abandoned dogs. This caring attitude is one of the reasons prices are kept as competitive as possible, including because they make two meals a day and do not specify a minimum or maximum length of stay.

Mountain View Pension Kennels & Cattery Training, grooming, trimming and bathing services are also offered.
Put all of these ingredients together, along with the assurance given by the company’s fully legal and licensed status, and the result is a successful business built on reputation and repeat customers year after year fully satisfied with the full service. and professional. and attentive service provided. Evidence of this is that the residents of the kennels are not only from the area near Fuente Álamo but also from places like Alhama, Librilla, Caravaca de la Cruz, Mula, Bullas and La Azohía!

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