Moment of horror: A clothes dryer explodes in front of firefighters and destroys Livingston’s house, leaving the family with nothing

This is the horrifying moment a clothes dryer exploded in the home of a Scottish family after firefighters rushed to tackle a blaze at the property.

Fire crews were called to Livingston’s home to contain the flames after the alarm sounded.


The explosion was captured on a doorbell cameraCredit: Media Scotland
They rushed to get a pipe into the property


They rushed to get a pipe into the propertyCredit: Media Scotland
The explosion pushed firefighters back as they battled the blaze


The explosion pushed firefighters back as they battled the blazeCredit: Media Scotland

But dramatic footage from a doorbell camera captured the moment firefighters arrived at the property and were greeted by a huge explosion.

A senior firefighter was seen radioing for a hose as he walked through the front door.

He then comes out and urges a second firefighter to get the hose into the building.

As he runs to help her, there is a loud bang and a flash as the explosion rocks the house.

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One of the firefighters was pushed back by the explosion.

It is understood the blast started a huge fire which destroyed the house.

The devastated family of three have now lost all of their belongings and are now living in a hotel.

While waiting for insurance, the family must now replace their lost items, pay for the hotel and keep their dog in a kennel.

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It is understood that they tried to find another place to stay, but were unable to do so.

A fundraiser was organized to support the family after the loss of their home.

The organizer urged people to donate what they can.

They wrote: “Hi everyone, we need your help. A friend lost his house and all his belongings in a house explosion. It was the clothes dryer.”

“He, his wife and six-year-old daughter now live in a (not too great) hotel which they have to pay up front, the insurance company said they would be paid (later?).

“The problem is that they have to find the money first. They have used up their credit cards and for me the saddest thing is that their beloved dog is boarding because there is no are no dog friendly hotels in the area.

“Their little girl has to go to school normally to try to keep some order in her life.

“Clothes, toys, we had to buy everything to continue.

“He tried to rent a local house temporarily so they could all be together, but that wasn’t possible.

“Yes, they will get some of the money back, but it’s so difficult right now.

“No home, none of your belongings and being separated from your best friend ‘Smudge’. (Smudge doesn’t do well in boarding kennels)


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“I know we’re all struggling right now, but we still have a roof over our heads and we’re together.”

The GoFundMe page has raised over £800 for the family so far.

You can donate to the fundraiser for the family here.

The fire destroyed the house


The fire destroyed the houseCredit: Media Scotland
The fire left the family with nothing


The fire left the family with nothingCredit: Media Scotland

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