Meet Britain’s loneliest cat facing her third Christmas in care

Flash just wants a house (Photos: RSPCA)

Can you help a lonely cat finally find a home for Christmas?

Flash, a five-year-old black and white cat, was rescued in May 2019 as part of an RSPCA investigation.

Staff at the Felledge Animal Center in County Durham have been caring for Flash since his rescue, which means he’s spent two Christmases at the shelter without a permanent home – and now faces a third, because he has not received any rehousing requests.

Catherine Neasham, Felledge Cattery Supervisor, said: “When Flash was brought in to us he was severely emaciated and very under-socialized.

“He spent almost four years with us and the team thinks everything about him. He’s super nice and very cheeky, but we love spending time with him.

“While we love him, we were delighted when his affair ended earlier this year and were able to move him up for adoption in November.

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“However, he had no interest and we haven’t received any requests to give him a house, which is heartbreaking.

“We were hoping that after spending so much Christmas with us, he would finally have the chance to spend this Christmas in a wonderful house surrounded by love and affection, but unfortunately we are running out of time to make his wish come true. ‘

Flash the cat

Flash loves to explore (Photo: RSPCA)

Besides being adorable, Flash is very personable and enjoys the company of people, even with the impact of her previous life experiences.

He needs experienced cat owners to help him settle down.

Owners should give him time to understand that he will be fed regularly and that he will not have to worry about stealing food.

He can be overstimulated at times and therefore will need a home without young children and with owners who can give him space while he adjusts after spending so long in the cattery.

Flash the cat

He enjoys being around people and is friendly (Photo: RSPCA)

He would like to be the only pet in the house.

Those who deal with Flash don’t believe it’s been out before – but it loves to explore, so it would be ideal if it had a garden to play in, away from all the busy roads as it’s not very wise.

Catherine added, “While the holiday season can be a time to reunite with family and friends, many animals will wait patiently to find their new family at one of our rescue centers.

“It will cost us £ 4,117 to run an animal center for a day this winter and £ 1,250 to feed the animals in our care in December. So we ask animal lovers to join the rescue this Christmas to make sure the animals get the care they need. need this winter.

Learn more about Flash on Find A Pet or contact the Felledge team at [email protected]

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