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Sophie Room
Sophie Room

Routine pet vaccinations across the UK have been suspended under strict pandemic rules in the spring and early summer of 2020, which could mean some owners have inadvertently let it expire their pets’ vaccines.

To help encourage existing clients and those new to the practice, veterinarian Sophie Hall of Meadow Hall Vets is offering a two-dose restart process, with clients paying for the vaccine one (combined with a full check-up). The second dose will be free.

Not only will vaccinations help keep animals healthy, up-to-date inoculations are vital if you are using dog walkers, dog daycares, or boarding schools and catteries.

Ruth, Benji and Jan

Sophie said: “We know it’s been a really tough year for everyone, emotionally and financially, and here at Meadow Hall Vets we want to do our part to help. Our new vaccination program can help, but the year-round service puts you and your pets at the heart of everything we do.

“We aim to provide the residents of the local community with the best possible service, regardless of their situation. “

Jan Sadler, chief receptionist at Meadow Hall Vets, a new firm based in Thakeham near Storrington, says taking care of pets and humans is part of the practice’s ethics. And you’d be hard pressed to find a more pet-friendly practice in West Sussex

The team is led by owner Sophie, a fully qualified veterinarian who has lived in Thakeham most of her life. She is passionate about caring for animals and wanted to create her own practice, filled with people who felt the same way about caring for animals.

Hannah Glasspool, Sarah Lane and Ruth Silvester, the veterinary nurses, together have experience working in hospital for animals, large animals, exotics and small animals.

Finally, the reception team is led by animal lover Jan Sadler and her Jackapoo Benji, who writes a weekly blog for all the greyhounds in the area.

Meadow Hall’s veterinarians can help you with almost any situation, whether it’s on-site or referring you for specialist care if needed. If you are a member of their own Healthy Paws Club PLUS, your pet can enjoy unlimited vet appointments throughout the year. Covid restrictions may change the way certain services are provided, but Meadow Hall vets will always make sure your pet stays in peak condition.

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