Magnet Rescue Labrador raises seven motherless kittens as if they were his own



A caring rescue dog melts hearts after raising seven orphaned kittens in the past few weeks.

Loving Labrador Bertie was a former resident from Battersea Animal Rescue Charity. When the kittens were brought home, he instinctively adopted them as one of his own and began to take care of them.

The stray kittens were only about two weeks old when they were found by the side of the road, with no mother in sight.

At this age, they couldn’t survive on their own, which is why the person who found them rushed the kittens to Battersea be verified by their team of clinic experts.

Once vets established that the very hungry kittens were otherwise healthy, Battersea’s head nurse Rachel volunteered to take the litter back home, where she and her Battersea dog, Bertie. , could watch them closely.

Bertie melts hearts after taking Battersea’s kittens under her wing

Rachel spoke to TeamDogs saying, “I am incredibly proud of Bertie for the way he has taken care of the kittens over the past few weeks. At less than two years old, he’s barely an adult himself, but you wouldn’t think so when you see how incredibly patient and caring he has been.

“These kittens have certainly been a handful, from the early days of needing 24-hour bottle-feeding, until the time they first discovered the joys of rock climbing.

“Not only did Bertie help the kittens grow into confident and sociable little cats, he also entertained me.”

Kittens typically spend the first eight weeks of life with their mother, as she will need to feed them and teach them survival skills until they are ready to fend for themselves.

Bertie and one of the seven kittens
Bertie and one of the seven kittens

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If a motherless kitten is brought to Battersea during these crucial first weeks of development, a foster family will take on the role of mom, including regular bottle feeds and toilet assistance.

Once they are old enough to feed and take care of themselves, they will be taken to one of the charity’s catteries until a new permanent home is found.

Rachel added, “Raising kittens by hand is a wonderfully rewarding experience. You can help them grow from tiny helpless babies to unique characters ready for a loving home.

“I was sad to see them go, but I can be reassured to know that Bertie and I have helped them give them the best start in life. I suspect Bertie may have also enjoyed the peace and quiet once her young children were gone. He certainly deserved it!

While all of the kittens have now moved to new homes, you can read more about other home-seeking cats on the Battersea website.


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