Luxury Cat Vacation Paradise Launched in Newton-le-Willows


A NEW business has been started that offers cat owners the opportunity to give their pet a holiday treat and get pampered.

The KittyAngel Migatobonito Boarding cattery has opened in Newton-le-Willows, offering felines a luxury experience.

Longtime cat lover and breeder, Maria Bryant started the luxury boarding cattery.

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“When people go on vacation, they try to leave their cat somewhere and many find no suitable place.

“So we built nine houses so that when people can go on vacation, their cat can also go on vacation,” said Maria, a former union official.

“They come for pampering and there are plenty of activities that can make them happy. It’s a vacation paradise for cats.”

One of the seaside resorts

“I have loved cats my whole life and because I couldn’t find a place for my cat, that’s why I did.

“I wanted something small and really exclusive for the cats to be looked after by me. I encourage people to come and set the cat up and see that it is home.

“There are some exclusive designer beds in there, one of the brands was on The Apprentice.”

The premises have nine cat “houses” and all of the resorts on the Wargrave-based site have private bathrooms and “afternoon” tea is served, with complimentary hairdos.

“I’m very passionate about this,” added Maria, of Newton-le-Willows.

“The cats have a disco at night with the LED lights on and that gives them something to watch. We also have vets on standby.

“It’s extremely secure and it’s covered by CCTV. We don’t take dogs on board, but we do have a guard dog.

“It’s something quirky and I think it’s something new to the region.”

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