Loughborough kennels in trouble after missing Covid grants


A small family business in Loughborough is struggling to continue despite the effects of the pandemic as it continues to run out of government grants.

Brookland Boarding Kennels and Cattery has requested different support funding over the past few months, only to be told it is not eligible, as it continues to have very few bookings.

The group received the initial grant of £ 10,000 at the start of the first coronavirus lockdown, which paid part of the costs until the end of last year.

But with few bookings so far in 2021 and only a few interim clients in the coming months, owner Maria Chalk, 72, has taken on heavy debt and is struggling to pay her mortgage.

She completed the documents for the local restriction support grant, as well as the restart grant, which was launched in early April, to be turned down for both grants.

She said: “I did not bring this virus or the government lockdown, it was their decision.

“They said they would help all the small businesses, but now I’m not getting any help.

“I’m not asking for millions.

“People who booked must have said they might have to cancel because their vacation might be canceled.”

Ms Chalk previously ran a dog grooming service, but had to give up because she has cramps in her hands.

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A spokesperson for Charnwood Borough Council said: “We understand this has been a very difficult time for businesses and we have worked hard to deliver government funding for business grants as quickly as possible. possible.

“The government sets guidelines on the types of businesses eligible for grants and we follow those guidelines.

“Kennels and dog grooming businesses were not forced to close under previous restrictions, meaning this type of business would not have been eligible for the Local Restriction Support Grant or the new restart grant.

“We recently opened a new discretionary grant program that these types of businesses could be eligible for, but the business owner will need to submit an application so that we can fully assess their eligibility.

“We encourage Ms. Chalk to apply for the new discretionary regime and would be happy to assist her directly with her request.”

Companies can apply for the discretionary grant by sending an email to [email protected]

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