Looking for very special cat parents in the province of Almeria

PAWS-PATAS CHARITY: currently cares for 57 cats and kittens Photo credit: Chrissie Cremore

PAWS-PATAS, the Los Gallardos-based animal charity, calls the “one in a million cat parents”.

Chrissie Cremore, Vice President of PAWS-PATAS, told the Weekly Euro News that anyone fitting that description would be the solution to one of their problems.

There are some conditions, though, as these cat parents must live on a rural property with no other cats and be willing to adopt at least two “lovely, sweet, Calicivirus-friendly cats,” Chrissie said.

“Calicivirus is a highly contagious cat-specific respiratory infection that can cause difficulty breathing, sore gums, and watery eyes and nose,” she explained.

“Many shelter cats have this but show no active signs of infection and are healthy, beautiful, happy youngsters with a long life to live. They deserve a home, with space to play and laps. to sleep,” she said.

“PAWS-PATAS will pay any calicivirus-related veterinary bills that may arise and would be available to give you advice. It’s a ‘win-win’ situation for everyone,” Chrissie said.

For more information on adopting Calicivirus cats, visit www.paws-patas.org.

“And we also need volunteers to help out at the cattery where we currently care for 57 cats and kittens,” Chrissie added.

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