Leave? Plan for your pets

Now is the time of the year when families will go on vacation to relax. As pet owners, you are probably wondering where you will keep your pet while you are away.

The Boksburg SPCA has provided a guide to help pet owners plan for their pets during the holiday season.

What are your options? • Take your pet to a kennel / cattery • Take your pet with you (not recommended) • Use a pet sitter • Use an in-home pet sitting service

Pension kennel / cattery Is your pet’s vaccination up to date? Reputable boarding schools require proof of this and your pet’s vaccination certificates must be dated at least two weeks before your pets are admitted. A well-managed and reputable kennel is normally a safe way to house your pets while you are away. It also means that your pets are not alone due to the activity around them. Disadvantages of Residential Schools / Catteries Your pet is far from his home environment and may be stressed or depressed because you are no longer there either. Even if your pet has been vaccinated, he could still contract a disease such as kennel cough for which there is no vaccination.

Take your pet on vacation with you Does your pet have a new temporary ID disc with your contact details and do you have enough tranquilizers for the trip? Do you have a cool place in the vehicle (not the trunk) where your pet can lie down? Remember to never leave your pet inside the vehicle in hot or hot weather, even if it is parked in the shade with the windows slightly open. Disadvantages of Taking Your Pet Traveling long distances by car can be stressful for dogs and cats. Finding accommodation that accepts your pet can be difficult. In the case of cats, it usually takes up to 14 days for them to acclimatize to a new environment before they can go outside on their own.

Use a pet house / sitter It is advisable to make sure that your pet knows the house sitter before your absence, so that he is more comfortable and you can assess if he is likely to have bonding issues. An emergency back-up plan is necessary in the event that, for some unforeseen reason, the caretaker of the house / animal is not able to continue performing his duties. Benefits Animals are often much happier to continue living at home with a familiar routine and they have maximum exposure to companionship. They will not be exposed to the risk of infectious diseases from other animals.

Using a home pet sitting service The checklist is similar to that of the house keeper or pet; however, for this service your animals must be visited at least once a day as an animal that becomes ill can deteriorate very quickly and the animals need companionship.

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