‘Least Wanted’ Cats Poppet and Piggy Are Still Looking for Their Forever Home

Two of the “least wanted” cats at a local animal sanctuary are still looking for their forever home. Despite individual pleas, Woodside Sanctuary is still caring for long-lived felines, Poppet and Piggy, who want and need to move on to the next chapter of their lives.

Woodside Animal Sanctuary, based in Plympton, is an animal repatriation charity with the intention of finding their rescue animals with their forever homes. Poppet and Piggy have different requirements as to who they can live with and where would be best suited.

The white cat with a black tip on its ear is Piggy who is eight years old and came as a stray. A year later, he’s the same cat that happened once. He’s a food freak and once he builds that initial trust, he wants to be your best friend.

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The beautiful feline Poppet is eight months old and has been at Woodside for six months. She has an unpredictable nature and requires an experienced owner with someone who isn’t going to bother her too much and expect too much. She also won all the hearts of her caregivers at Woodside.

Woodside is determined to find them their perfect homes and said they “won’t give up” until they do. Woodside wants to let people know about these two felines because Piggy has been around for over a year, while Poppet has been around for most of his life, which is pretty sad.

Woodside Sanctuary Senior Manager Helen Lecointe said: “When we care for cats like Poppet, Piggy and Saxo, we know it won’t be easy to find them their forever home. But we won’t give up.

“Between them they have been in our care for over two years, Piggy just celebrated his birthday with us. We know there is a home there, we just want to let people know they are here and that they need someone special to come over.”


Meet Piggy, the 4-year-old male who came as a wild stray and a year later you wouldn’t recognize him. He’s been described as a “food freak” and once he builds trust, he wants to be your best friend. However, make no mistake, her personality can change and if she gets too restless, she can take a hit.

Piggy has been allowed to roam freely around the sanctuary for the past few months, but with over 25 feline residents with special needs also allowed to roam freely, Piggy likes to be the boss. With many older people his playfulness is too much and he really needs his own space where he doesn’t need to share with another cat.

The ideal home for him would be a stable or a farm but with the possibility of being able to enjoy the comforts of home. He should be able to see people regularly and have the opportunity to determine how much he wants to engage.


Meet the gorgeous red and brown Poppet who is eight months old, but has been at Woodside for six months. Although she has an unpredictable nature, she seeks a home with someone who is an experienced cat owner and who isn’t going to fuss with her or expect too much.

She really enjoys being around you and being talked to much more than being bothered. Poppet is extremely playful and this is where she can be misunderstood. Her new owner will need to be confident as she can become bossy.

Although she has won the hearts of her caregivers at Woodside, she must find her forever home to settle down and be happy. Poppet and her caregivers have an understanding relationship that works and has helped her get to know her better, which has helped her become less predictable.

The ideal home for Poppet is a quiet home without children or other pets. She will need to be in a semi-rural area or with someone who has a large garden. The most important thing for Poppet is someone who is experienced and has the time to build the relationship at Poppets pace.

If you are looking for a feline companion and want to give Piggy and Poppet their forever homes, call Woodside Sanctuary on 01752 347503 where you can speak with cattery staff.

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