Launch of a new LEAP grant

Massimo, former LEAP recipient with his business – Photo credit: Horsham District Council

Council launches new round of local business and learning platform

Starting Monday, October 3, funding for small business grants under the LEAP program will resume.

Grants of up to £2,000 will be available for start-ups and small businesses based in the Horsham district.

This will be an “express” round of fundraising, where funds will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

If successful, all applicants have 3 months to complete their projects.

Funding worth £50,000 is available for this round and part of the program is to see that applicants can fund 25% of the total cost of their project with their own investment.

Interested persons will also be required to write and submit a business plan for their project.

This should include business launch, pricing and expenses and future vision, those interested in applying are encouraged to start working on their business plans now.

Horsham District Council has previously funded a wide range of LEAP projects, which have supported many different businesses across the district.

Cllr Jonathan Chowen, Leader and Cabinet Member for the Local Economy at the Council, said:

“This new round of funding is a tremendous opportunity for local businesses, who need this small investment to enable them to carry out projects that will allow them to quickly adapt to change and build the resilience of their business.

We have already seen many great projects facilitated by Council grants that have made a real difference and taken businesses in new directions.

I encourage eligible companies to consider applying for the grant so that they have the chance to benefit from this funding pot and see their project ideas come to fruition quickly. »

A former LEAP grant recipient, Massimo, owner and founder of mobile van company The Italian Coffee Guy, said:

Leaving corporate life to start my own business was something I had wanted to do for several years.

The grant from HDC not only provided me with financial assistance to support the financing of key aspects of my business, but also gave me sound advice as a new business. By building a business case for the grant, it allowed me to really focus on the needs of my business.

Elsewhere, Chris Cooper, Director of Seofon Business Services, commented on their grant for a lighting upgrade in their office:

“We are very happy to have been a recipient of the LEAP grant which allowed us to upgrade our office lighting to LED.

This will not only provide a better working environment for the whole team, but will also deliver on our plans to ensure we operate in the best possible way for the environment.”

Kirsty Haydon of Eastmead Boarding Cattery also commented on the use of a grant:

“Being able to secure a grant through LEAP funding has allowed me to have a new removable weather screen produced for the front of one of my cattery buildings. It has already made a huge difference in terms of being able to retain heat better and keep the safety lane dry.”

The next round of LEAP funding is open to applications on Monday, October 3, 2022 and close the Wednesday, November 30, 2022, or sooner if all funds are allocated. The allocation of funding will be determined by a Horsham District Council grant assessment committee.


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